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05.2022 Group Briefing

Far EasTone telecommunications participates in the Talent Sustainability Alliance

Far EasTone telecommunications / Zhong Yizhen
        This year, far EasTone telecommunications joined the "talent, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability action" alliance organized by Tianxia and cheers, and signed the "Declaration on Talent Sustainability in Taiwan" with 100 enterprises and academic units. Chee Ching president attended the speech of Taiwan Talent Sustainability action on March 29, with the theme of "talent cultivation of far EasTone telecommunications", Share how far EasTone telecommunications can cultivate cross domain digital talents to realize the sustainability of enterprises with the sustainability of talents.

        Far EasTone telecommunications president Chee Ching said: "in the tide of digital transformation, far EasTone telecommunications has taken" innovation, upgrading, transformation and reengineering "as the goal in recent years, and put" big data + AI + IOT "(big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IOT)) As a digital transformation strategy, actively recruit talents, make good use of core functions, train digital leaders from the company's culture, vision and mission, help employees face the challenges of digital transformation together, adjust the organizational culture, make employees resonate with the company with the "heart to heart" communication method, and continue to establish a system of training, promotion and inheritance to achieve the goal of Talent Sustainability. "

        Far EasTone telecommunications maintains close interaction with the academic community in four aspects: 5g lab research and development, ICT / IT project research and development, business competition and talent cultivation plan. In the research and development project of 5g # lab, we have conducted long-term and in-depth cooperation with the communication department of Asia Eastern University of science and technology, and cooperated between industry and school for 5g communication, long-distance diagnosis and treatment, VR lab building, unmanned aerial vehicle and other projects. In addition, it has also developed ICT / IT projects with academic institutions such as Yuan Ze University, Jingyi University, Tamkang University and National Central University to lock in projects such as ICT digital twin, smart campus and operating system testing, so as to enable students to deeply participate, stimulate students' potential and expand practical experience.

        In addition, with the theme of "cloud technology, remote diagnosis and treatment", far EasTone telecommunications also held a business competition with National Taiwan University Global MBA and provided bonuses, hoping to attract jade and encourage creative and thoughtful digital scientific and technological talents to participate. In the talent cultivation program, far EasTone telecommunications opens summer internship opportunities for junior to master's degree students. About 15 to 20 interns each year feel the real workplace experience through practical participation and tutorial system.

        After the talents arrive, far EasTone telecommunications helps them focus on developing the new economy, deeply cultivate "big data + AI + IOT" (big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IOT)) skills, and implement the concept of talent sustainability through five steps: talent definition and inventory, training, reward and promotion, leadership and inheritance. The specific implementation items include: establishing an internal talent database, providing education and training courses, encouraging rotation mechanism, implementing a two track career promotion evaluation mechanism, optimizing the performance system, training for managers at all levels, building a succession team, etc., so as to establish a system with a pragmatic attitude and protect the important talent assets of the company.

        Talent cultivation and development has always been an operational development goal valued by far EasTone telecommunications. In response to the ESG wave, far EasTone telecommunications makes good use of its core functions of "care, integrity, agility, innovation and cooperation", implements six indicators and actions of "meaning and value, diversity and inclusiveness, organization and communication, reward and incentive, physical and mental health and talent growth", and strengthens Taiwan's talent competitiveness Promote talent sustainability development, so as to achieve the win-win goal of enterprise sustainability and social prosperity.


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