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05.2022 Group Briefing

Oriental industries (Suzhou) held 2021 English training

Far Eastern Group (Suzhou) management department / Hou Wenxin
        With the support of Wu Moji's chief operating officer, Oriental industries (Suzhou) implemented the third English training program in 2021. The course lasts for 10 months and has two classes a week. Cai Gaosheng president personally plans a group based learning program. Each lecturer leads seven students to teach Workplace English and Life American English according to different positions and occupations.

        The effect of group learning is remarkable. Lecturers design courses with different contents and situations according to the level of students. After one semester, the junior class students can have daily communication, while the senior class students can introduce the factory to customers. The lecturer can guide the students in the learning process in a more flexible way, which can also promote the learning process between the departments according to the needs of the company.

        In the recent achievement presentation meeting, the students showed amazing learning results with performances such as English drama, recitation and situational simulation, which is believed to be a boost to the development of enterprises.


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