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遠東集團     The Latest Issue:2020-8-17

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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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New technology creates new opportunities for job hunting in post epidemic Era

  A novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been raging and the global economy is seriously affected. According to the World Bank report, the estimated global economic output in 2020 will shrink by 5.2%, the most serious collapse since 1870. Although the governments of various countries support the total domestic economy by means of different rescue methods with the same name, the global manufacturing, service and aviation industries have suffered serious setbacks due to the impact of the epidemic, and the unemployment population will continue to rise.

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Weekly News

Department store only! Sogo wins Taipei energy saving Leadership Award

  Model student of green department store! In the list of winners of the Taipei energy saving Leadership Award announced on August 12, SOGO Department store, Far East, is the only department store to win the special award of industrial and commercial group B.

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Far Eastern International Bank won double awards for best brand image and best professional team

  On August 11, chairman Huang Tianmu of the HKMA presented the "best brand image" and "best professional team" awards in person. General manager Zhou Tiancai of Far East Commercial Bank attended to receive the awards.

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Weekly Event

New Taipei First Landscape Restaurant Asia 49 star picking feast on Chinese Valentine's day

  Asia 49 Asian cuisine and lounge, the tallest Garden Restaurant in Shuangbei, will launch a double feast of star picking on Chinese Valentine's day from August 21 (5) to 25 (2). The skillful chef adheres to the Asian cuisine style and uses multi spices and Western style dishes to entice your appetite and warm up for your love! For convenience, please call (02) 7705-9717 to make an appointment.

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"Chinese Valentine's Day special 20% off" the confession of love is always accompanied by sweetness

  Valentine's Day is coming again. Are you still worried about gifts? Come and buy the romantic gift for you. From now on to August 30, buy happy online shopping mall "Qixi special" 8 fold, many super value goods let you buy your heart!

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Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan cross border cooperation City artists give gifts in Mid Autumn Festival

  Shangri la Tainan Far East International Hotel invited City artist Lin Zhiwei to convey the warmest blessing through the most beautiful scenery and cultural alleys of Fucheng under the theme of "ancient capital style and warm feeling". You can enjoy a discount of 85% if you buy the gift box in advance before August 31, and you can get one free of ten if you buy it from September 1. For details and order line (06) 702 8854.

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Editor's pick

Health Column:Gout in summer?!

 Generally speaking, gout is less talked about in summer, but does gout really happen in summer? In fact, the onset of gout in summer is generally related to "exercise" and "diet". In this issue, professional doctors will explain the prevention and treatment of summer gout.

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「Legal Column-TW」:Employment promotion! Six major youth employment subsidies have been launched.
「Fashion Column」:Orange generation: Wonderful Life 2.0 Dreams don't have to wait.
Editor's Words

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of Oct topic: Are You a Fans? 

In the era of digital convergence, we believe that we have been used to looking for information through various community platforms. When we meet interested objects or communities, we will also "pay attention" or "join fans" to facilitate tracking in the future. Welcome to write to share what fans you have participated in and why you are attracted. Within 300 words, far eastern magazine will offer you a "love to share" bonus! (deadline: before Sep 15)


Winners List of No.359 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

亞東石化/劉○偉;遠東SOGO百貨/龎○誠;亞東醫院/謝○芳;遠傳電信/郭○誠; 亞泥花蓮廠/賴○威;遠東新世紀/張○遠;遠傳電信/洪○涵;遠鑫電子票證/陳○芳; 遠東新世紀/林○玉;遠傳電信/林○莛;遠東資源開發 /謝○妤;遠東新世紀新埔廠/黃○玲;亞利通運/吳○瑩;遠東百貨新竹店/田○涵;亞東 技術學院/謝○玲

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