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08.2020 Welfare

Top restaurant in New Taipei,the feast of Asia 49 on Chinese Valentine's day is your best choice.

Mega 50 catering and banquet / Yan Huiyuan
        Happy Chinese New Year's Eve, food, wine, beautiful scenery, are all the necessary elements to promote romance! Asia 49 (49F), the tallest Garden Restaurant in Shuangbei, is very popular with customers because of its comprehensive service advantages. It is often difficult to find a restaurant for weekends and holidays. On the Valentine's day of Chinese Valentine's day with beautiful legends, bookings are even more popular. On that day, the super romantic plot of proposing marriage in the outdoor high-altitude garden after dinner is often staged! From August 21 (5) to 25 (2), the restaurant will launch the "double feast of star picking on the Chinese Valentine's Day". The skillful chef upholds the Asian cuisine style, uses the multi spice and Western style gorgeous plate to tempt the appetite and warm up the love! To avoid going to the corner, please call (02) 7705-9717 to make an appointment.

                The interior space of Asia 49 is modern and elegant, and the streamline shaped Zhongdao bar exudes the magic charm of drunk before drinking! There are more than 200 open-air gardens and viewing platforms in the open air, which welcome every guest's surprise and admiration! The rattan tables and chairs, flowers and trees, fountains and water curtain in the garden make people feel as if they are in the Southeast Asia, creating a holiday atmosphere of fake going abroad. With a broad view from above, you can have a full view of the beautiful skyline led by building 101. After nightfall, you can enjoy the special drinking moment. The blue sky seems to be within reach, the lights of every house are shining, and the breeze is full of romance!

                Chef Wang Zhongxian, who has a solid background of Western food, emphasizes that in order to make lovers remember their memories with delicious dishes, the dishes selected in the "double star picking on Chinese Valentine's Day" are all selected with high-end ingredients, east-west cooking techniques and harmonious and distinctive seasoning, creating a rich and varied intoxicating taste. The two person set meal only costs NT $3344, which fully reflects Asia 49's affordable luxury brand characteristics! Five well designed dishes include a double front dish: sweet potato paste cheese ball with scattered lemon fragrance and golden cup of shrimp with yogurt flavored; mullet roe with various vegetables and fruits such as ginkgo and chickpea with Indian hot and sour tomato soup; gorgeous and completely dominating goose liver mouszo mango and glutinous rice salad; two sea and land main meals, each can choose to enjoy, respectively, carbon baked American boneless Beef steak with Citronella chocolate sauce, or cream fried lemon white fish with prawns lined with purple magic Jiacai sauce; the dessert is a lava chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for the performance of flame show at the table, and the dramatic effect pushes the dining elegance to the peak! It is suggested that you can choose a unique special food from the wine list of rich options, which will definitely catalyze the honey of the day!

                matters needing attention:

        1. "Star picking banquet" should be reserved three days in advance and full meal fee should be paid. No single dish will be served on the evening of August 25.

        2. Asia 49 reminds consumers that drinking too much is harmful to their health; 10% service charge should be added to the above price.


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