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09.2020 Honor

Far Eastern International Bank won "best brand image" award and "best professional team" award.

Far Eastern International Bank / Xiao Peiyi

        The results of the Excellent Bank rating held by Excellence magazine were announced on August 11. Chairman Huang Tianmu of the Financial Supervision Commission presented the awards in person. Far Eastern International Bank was awarded the "best brand image" and "best professional team". Thomas Chou president was present to receive the awards.

        President Thomas Chou has attributed the recognition for six consecutive years to the "ten happy platforms" which includes happy wealth, happy home, happy living, happy telecom, happy finance, happy knowledge, happy enjoyment, happy travelling, happy creation and happy public welfare created by multiple resources of Far Eastern Group which integrates healthcare, leisure, department stores, mass merchandising, online shopping and communication. It has launched all-round communication with customers, such as opening college for elderly customers or creating public space for community customers, and actively developing iSmart smart branches to create a happy platform for wealth management for the clients.


        With the digitalization of financial services, in recent years, the physical branch has been gradually positioned as a "public space" for customers. It holds various thematic activities such as arts and culture feasts, hand-made experience and private cooking from time to time, inviting customers to enjoy tea, enjoy coffee and participate in various learning, so as to create their own stories. This subverts the traditional branch positioning, shows the branch's new style and is widely loved by community customers.


        President Thomas Chou believes that only with a professional and happy team can they have satisfied customers. Therefore, they have actively invested in education and training resources, professional ability, and improved team rapport and provided customers with one team to one service through cooperation between staff and the machines, thus winning the gold medal award of TTQS by Ministry of labor. And it was selected into the "Taiwan employment 99 index" and the "Taiwan high salary 100 index" in successive years.


        In the future, Far Eastern International Bank will continue to launch characteristic branches close to customers' living needs, build financial platform, provide excellent professional services, and join hands with customers to embrace a rich and happy life.

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