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09.2020 Honor

The only one in department store industry! SOGO won Taipei City Energy-saving Leadership Award, green department store was recognized again.

Pacific SOGO Department Store / Liao Peiyu

        Good news for green department store model - Pacific SOGO Department Store! On the list of winners of Taipei City Energy-saving Leadership Award announced on August 12, Pacific SOGO Department Store is the only department store to win the special award of industrial and commercial group B.


        Pacific SOGO Department Store Chairman Sophia C.W. Huang pointed out that sustainable environment is a long-term concern of Pacific SOGO Department store With "energy resources integration", "green marketing" and "environmental education" as the pillars, through the rolling management of dedicated personnel, the energy-saving equipment is continuously replaced, and the energy-saving performance is obvious to all, and the goal of "Asia's top green department store" is successfully implemented.


        After replacing the old main engine of water chilling unit in Fuxingguan, the energy-saving rate was as high as 42.4%. Chairman Sophia C.W. Huang said that in the future, they will continue to be engaged in renewable energy utilization in accordance with the short, medium and long-term goals of energy conservation and carbon reduction, so as to make the Pacific SOGO department store the best place to practice green life.






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