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06.2020 Honor

FET and FENC once again ranked in the top 5% of "corporate governance evaluation"

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room

        Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation announced the results of the sixth corporate governance evaluation and supervision. FET and FENC stood out from 901 listed companies, and were listed in the top 5% again. FET has been listed for six consecutive times, and only 12 enterprises in Taiwan have been listed in the top 5% for six consecutive times. It is obvious that the corporate governance performance of FET is highly recognized. The stock exchange pointed out that the corporate governance evaluation and supervision has marked the sixth year, the test will be adjusted every year and become increasingly difficult. Among hundreds of evaluated companies, the top 5% of listed companies in six consecutive years only account for 1.33% of the total, and most of the awarded companies are index enterprises or groups with market value of more than 10 billion yuan.


        "Corporate governance evaluation and supervision" refers to the corporate governance principles issued by OECD, and formulates 85 indicators in four dimensions, namely, "safeguarding shareholders' rights and interests and treating shareholders equally", "strengthening the structure and operation of the board of directors", "improving information transparency" and "implementing corporate social responsibility" to comprehensively evaluate the corporate governance of enterprises. A total of 1600 publicly quoted entities are subject to evaluation and supervision this year, including 901 listed companies and 699 OTC companies. The final results are published that a total of 45 listed companies and 35 OTC companies are listed in the top 5% this year.


        Far EasTone Telecommunication, as a leading brand and sustainable benchmarking enterprise of information and communications, is constantly pursuing innovation and breakthrough, and reinterpreted the brand and sustainability development strategy in 2019. In the brand communication part, in addition to "no distance with Far EasTone Telecommunication", there is also "get closer" to customers and "think farther" for customers to create a richer mobile life, so that users have no distance from the ideal life! In pursuit of operational growth, FET attaches more importance to CSR practice. In response to the advent of 5G digital convergence era, FET continues to pursue innovation and breakthrough, and gears to international sustainability trend of international conventions, corresponding to the United Nations’ sustainability development. And it has established the blueprint of sustainability strategy development in 2018-2025, integrated five major axes of growth, innovation, care, inclusiveness and green strength into CSR. On the road of transformation and upgrading, it continues to innovate, makes good use of the industry's expertise, make public welfare be scientific and technological, and work with nine stakeholders such as suppliers and users to jointly promote corporate social responsibility and exert the influence of information and communications industry.


        Looking forward to the future, in the face of the ever-changing environment and the coming new era of 5G, FET continues to make good use of new technology and innovative thinking, introducing "big data + AI + IOT", cloud, information security and other advanced technologies into the supply chain and business model, accelerating the transformation and initiating an innovative economy, expecting " no distance in the future with 5G of FET".



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