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07.2020 Honor

Hubei Yadong Cement won the honorary title of "advanced unit of safe production" in Xinzhou District

Hubei Yadong cement / Wu JUANJUAN

        In order to set up models and praise the excellent units, on May 11, Xinzhou district government praised 60 advanced units and 80 advanced individuals in Yangluo Development Zone, among which Hubei Yadong cement was awarded "advanced unit of safe production in 2019", Xie Guisheng, section chief of environmental protection and working safety office and Gu zhujianming, assistant of safety management unit were awarded "advanced individual of safety production in 2019".


        In 2019, Hubei Yadong Cement adheres to the policy of "safety first, prevention first, total involvement and comprehensive management" under the leadership of president Tian Long, implements the safety management concept of "life first, safe development", and developed " safety hazards QR code " for reporting with prizes and supervision and implemented "work after 5 minutes of safety publicity " to improve safety awareness, and distributed "safety manual" to all staff for learning by themselves and held monthly safety lecture and other measures, which have achieved breakthroughs in "normalization of subject responsibility" and "zero accident in safe production" in 2019. The honor won't come easily. President Tian Long said: in the later work, we still need to keep a high level of vigilance, and there should be no slack in safety work. We should continue to do a good job in the company's safe production. In the future production tasks, we should continue to achieve the "three zero" safe production goal of "zero accident, zero casualty and zero loss". Wei


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