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07.2020 Life Guide

Unlock the appetite: eating curry in July

Far Eastern Department Store / Zheng Jiahui
        When you think of curry, which country do you think of immediately? India, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia? In fact, all of the above are true. Curry, originated in South Asia, was first eaten in India. Curry is based on curry leaves and turmeric, plus dozens of spices such as red pepper, ginger, clove, cinnamon, fennel, nutmeg, black pepper, garlic and onion. No appetite on a sultry July day? You might as well have a curry dish for appetizers and health.

India was once ruled by the Mongol Mongol Empire, and its cooking habits were deeply influenced by Persia. In the 17th century, European colonial rule spread the food culture of South Asia to Europe and all over the world. Curry, as a "goodwill ambassador", swept the world with different styles and styles, and developed into common food. Why is curry so popular? The following points cannot be ignored:

Remove the fishy smell: India is the birthplace of curry. Because people like to eat mutton, the pungency and fragrance of curry can cover up the fishiness. Curry is not only delicious with all kinds of meat, but also super match with fresh fish, shrimp and crab.

Appetite: Japanese like to eat spicy in summer, mainly to increase the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, and then stimulate appetite. However, the Japanese are not as spicy as the Southeast Asian people, so they use fruits and vegetables to cook a strong curry sauce. Bibimbap, noodles, soup, and even fried stuffing into bread are common dishes.

Add changes: in the 19th century, Hong Kong and Macao became European colonies, and Indians and food materials moved in, changing the food style of the two places. People who often go to tea restaurants must be familiar with curry fish eggs, curry beef brisket, curry squid and noodles. Curry is integrated into Chinese Cantonese cuisine, which enriches the catering culture of Hong Kong and Macao.

Good health: in recent years, medical research has found that curcumin in curry can be said to be a good food therapy. It has positive help in preventing cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, promoting metabolism, and even a super food for eye protection. Want to prevent Alzheimer's disease and improve immunity? It's right to eat curry often!

Welcome to the Midsummer in July. Let's unlock our appetite and enter the carnival of curry.

Thai Indian School

"Very Thai" Curry Shrimp, Green Curry Coconut Chicken Wings

Besides ordinary curry aroma, Thai curry has more spicy and citronella flavor. Curry Shrimp is to shell the fresh shrimp and then cook it with Thai curry. The shrimp meat is delicious. Green Curry Coconut Chicken wings are salted with Thai specialty Green Curry Coconut Juice and then fried with flour. Take a mild route and mix with crisp fried eggplant to make each bite a surprise. The recommended price of Curry Shrimp and Green Curry Coconut Chicken Wings is 330 yuan and 285 yuan respectively, plus 10% service charge. Inquiry hotline: 9 / F, Far Eastern Department store, Banqiao, (02) 6637-0038; 11th floor, Far Eastern Department store, Taichung, (04) 3609-5050.

"Wacheng" Green Curry Coconut Chicken

In hot weather, I always lose my appetite. I have a bowl of Green Curry Coconut Chicken, which is refreshing and delicious. It's the best choice in summer. It's made of fresh chicken leg meat, long beans, nine layer pagoda and imported green curry. It's delicious and appetizing with the cooling coconut milk. It's absolutely the best choice in summer. The recommended price is 280 yuan plus 10% service charge. "Wacheng" restaurant is located on the 3rd floor of the success store of Far Eastern Department Store in Tainan, (06) 208-8018, the 12th floor of Kaohsiung Far Eastern Department store, (07) 963-0262.

Stewed Matsuzaka with Panang curry

In the hot and humid South of Thailand, "Panang stewed Matsuzaka" is slowly stewed with turmeric, lemon leaves and coconut milk over a low fire to remove dampness and relieve heat. Without adding a drop of water, it makes a smooth and thick golden sauce, and the tender and crispy pork of Matsuzaka is added. It is slightly sweet and spicy, and brings you the spicy flavor like waves. The recommended price is 380 yuan, and the hotline for inquiry is: 3rd floor, Far Eastern Department store, Hsinchu, (03) 525-6768.

"Taibingshi" Masaman red curry

Masaman red curry is a Thai dish with rich aroma and rich flavor. It is served with beef, chicken or blue diamond shrimp. It is a delicate balance between sweet, salty and spicy. It is the first choice for many Thai food lovers. Three kinds of side dishes and hot and sour soup are included in the set meal, so you can enjoy a variety of classic delicacies at one time without the company of friends. The price is recommended to be 280-320 yuan, with 95% discount for the exclusive price of the group. Enquiry Hotline: 3 / F, Tainan Park store, Far Eastern Department store, (06) 221-6110.

Special Hyderabad mutton and beef curry

Indian Hyderabad red curry is selected, with ground fresh mung nutmeg as the main key, and then flavored with fennel, yogurt, coconut milk and other rich layers of spices. The aroma is exquisite and rich, with juicy lamb meat. The meat is tender and slightly musky. It is served with crisp outer skin and slightly Chewy Indian original flavor pancakes. Bite it off and enjoy the exotic style Love. The recommended price is 400 yuan, and the exclusive preferential price is 360 yuan. Enquiry Hotline: 9 / F, Taoyuan, Far Eastern Department store, (03) 332-0498.

[Japanese style]

        "Shengshi pork chop" curry pork chop set meal

In the sultry summer when it's sunny and rainy, people feel lazy all over. At this time, a plate of curry is needed to boost your appetite and let the rich micro spicy aroma resist the unbearable summer heat. This dish of Japanese pork chops is made of Indian spices and various kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is spicy, sweet and fragrant. It has a strong and deep aroma in the mouth. The golden, crisp and tender pork chops with Japanese curry sauce and a mouthful of Yueguang rice are unforgettable. The recommended price is 330 yuan, and the inquiry hotline is: 8th floor, Far Eastern Department store, Banqiao, (02) 2950-6628.

Big house grilled chicken, vegetables and curry rice

Japanese traditional buckwheat noodle shop cooking curry sauce, adding a large number of onions and rich Chaiyu soup, after a long time of stewing, the taste is warm and smooth, with the taste of fresh charcoal roast chicken, delicious and healthy. Miso soup, pickles and curry sauce are included in the meal, and the recommended price is 300 yuan. The group's colleagues can enjoy a 10% discount for internal use, plus 10% service charge. Inquiry hotline: Far Eastern Department Store Baoqing B1, (02) 2382-2122; 11th floor, Far Eastern Department store, Kaohsiung, (07) 537-0352.

Exclusive development of curry sauce by syabu-yo

Curry sauce can be perfectly combined with hot pot?! "Syabu-yo" Japanese curry sauce is made by boiling various spices, herbs and fresh fruits. Try to sprinkle the sliced pork with curry sauce, or enjoy it directly with white rice and oolong noodles. You can also change the way of eating to make it more appetizing, with a small amount of Fu Shen stains. The sour and sweet pickles are perfect for curry rice. From 378 yuan for lunch on weekdays and 418 yuan for dinner and holiday, 10% service charge will be added. "Syabu-yo" restaurant is located on 10th floor, Zhongshan, Far Eastern Department store, (02) 8952-3011, 7th floor, Jiayi, Far Eastern Department store, (05) 284-3262.

"Hokkaido raw Ramen" curry pork chop rice

Deep fried pork chops with Japanese curry, which is sweet and slightly spicy, can lock the soup of pork chops perfectly, making the meat tender and not greasy, and sending out the aroma of curry after one bite. The price is suggested to be 310 yuan, with a 20% discount for the group. Enquiry Hotline: 9 / F, Far Eastern Department store, Hsinchu, (03) 523-4093.

"Bafanchiye" extra thick cut chicken chop Curry Rice

The Japanese direct delivery raw materials are strictly selected by bafanchiye, and the local ingredients of Taiwan are used to create delicious and fashionable cuisine. The rich brown curry is made of exclusive fresh organic vegetables and fruits. It is not mixed with curry powder. In addition, it contains some natural fragrance of Chinese medicine. It makes people eat the sauce directly without feeling too sweet or too greasy. It is the most suitable Japanese Light food and beverage in summer. The recommended price is 178 yuan. The hotline is 0970-967220, 12th floor, Zhongshan, Far Eastern Department store.

"Bodola noodles" curry Oolong noodles

The adventures of red and yellow curry, together with fresh vegetables, compose a delicious and slightly spicy melody. Oolong enters the stadium at a good time, and q-play is exciting and exciting. In the hot summer, a bowl of hot soup curry is strong; in the cold winter, it is added with warmth, which is worth tasting in all seasons. The recommended selling price is 160 yuan, and the hotline for inquiry is: 11th floor, Far Eastern Department store, Kaohsiung, (07) 536-6228.

"Caf é Grazie" baked with curry chestnuts and pumpkin and stewed with chicken leg in curry

The fresh and sweet Hokkaido chestnut pumpkin is steamed and roasted first, then boiled until it is fine and dense. Then, it is prepared with seafood stuffing and potato cooked with red curry over a low heat to make "curry chestnut pumpkin baked". It perfectly presents the chestnut aroma, pumpkin sweetness and seafood, fruits and vegetables taste. "Special Curry Chicken Leg Stew" is a special curry sauce, with herbs, turmeric and other spices, combined with fruit cooking, rich aroma, multi-level taste. The recommended price of curry chestnuts and pumpkin is 90 yuan, and the group's exclusive preferential price is 85 yuan; the recommended price of special curry chicken leg stewed with rice is 160 yuan. Inquiry hotline: 12 / F, Taoyuan, Far Eastern Department store, (03) 331-6208, 4th floor, Far Eastern Department store, Hsinchu, (03) 521-3572, 4th floor, Far Eastern Department store, Tainan, Taichung, (06) 236-1036.

"Yandaocheng professional baking" soup salty food curry Onion Cheese Bread

The bread body is made by natural soup method. The taste is moist, soft and elastic. The incremental dough makes people feel full. Then add fresh onion and red curry to the stuffing, and finally spread a layer of cheese to bake at low temperature. The finished product is crisp and soft inside. The recommended price is 45 yuan, and the exclusive preferential price is 41 yuan. Enquiry Hotline: Far Eastern Department Store Taoyuan B1, yandaocheng counter (03) 336-8388.

[sauce bag]

        "Fe21 'world gourmet" Japanese Apple curry conditioning bag

The original place of origin is Aomori, Japan. 23 kinds of curry spices are mixed with yoghurt secret recipe, and Japanese Aomori apple puree and garlic puree are added to make the whole flavor more mellow. The vegetable & fruit cooking method is quite special, which can perfectly concentrate the essence of food. In addition, the whole process does not add any chemical seasoning, but the fresh vegetable & fruit replace the dried fruits and vegetables, giving out natural and fresh sweet. There are two kinds of taste, sweet and spicy. The recommended price is 300 yuan. Enquiry Hotline: Far Eastern Department Store Jiayi B1, "fe21 ′ world gourmet" counter (05) 236-5137.

"City'Super" Curry House sauce bag

Special selection of spices, vegetables, soup cooking, and the use of good service food unique processing method, taste comparable to curry specialty stores, so that you can easily enjoy the strong curry at home. Zhongxin (Chicken / pork) 200g, the recommended price is 109 yuan. For enquiry, please contact Far Eastern Department Store B2 city'Super supermarket in Taichung, (04) 3703-5501.

"City's super" ROI Thai Thai Thai Thai

The famous Thai brand ROI Thai sells well in European, American and Japanese markets. Even if you stay at home, you can easily bring the most delicious curry to the table. There are two kinds of Thai yellow curry and red curry. The recommended price of 500ml is 150 yuan. The group's colleagues have a special discount on buying one for free. Special line for inquiry: Taichung Far Eastern Department Store B2, (04) 3703-5501.

Note: the full text of "preferential price" is subject to group employee identification card, which is valid until July 31.

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