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09.2020 Honor

Nine patents of Jiangxi Yadong cement are authorized by National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC

Jiangxi Yadong cement / Wu Gaowei

           Jiangxi Yadong Cement Since 2018, the company has applied for 8 utility model patents, including bulk cement weighing system, conveying equipment, cement production device, cement unloading device, denitration device, tail gas treatment device, downhill belt conveying device, kiln mouth protection device, etc., which have all obtained national patents Intellectual property administration, PRC patent authorization, each patent can obtain a government subsidy of 2000 yuan. On June 30, this year, it also obtained the national intellectual property administration and PRC's patent certificate for invention of "high efficiency screw conveying mixer", which was granted a government subsidy of 50000 yuan. The patent application results were highly praised by Jiujiang and Ruichang municipal governments in Jiangxi Province.

        Jiangxi Yadong cement has obtained a number of patent certificates, which is a great affirmation of the technical team and also a proof of the company's innovation strength. It will encourage the technical personnel to continuously develop proprietary technology, innovate and optimize, improve product competitiveness, and provide enterprise management innovation, transformation and upgrading, and health sustainability development Provide strong technical support, enhance the company's technology level and sales influence.

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