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09.2020 Honor

FETand city's super won Gold Award again in " Evaluation of Taiwan's service industry "

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        The "Evaluation of Taiwan's service industry" held by “Commercial Times” released the list of winners. Far EasTone Telecommunication, a subsidiary of Far Eastern Group, won the gold medal for the ninth time this year. It is the only enterprise in Taiwan that has won the Gold Award for nine consecutive years. City 'super, the top supermarket, also won the gold award of chain supermarket for the sixth time. Wu Qianhui, a staff of Xinyi store, won the service pioneer award, which proved once again that the service quality of Far Eastern Group has been recognized by consumers. FET President Chee Ching and chief operating officer of city's super Liu Chaoxiong attended the awarding ceremony in person on July 28.


        FET President Chee Ching said, "Thanks for the recognition of consumers and “Commercial Times” "Evaluation of Taiwan's service industry" in the past nine years! In the process of service transformation, FET also hopes to deepen our relationship with customers, expand local operation and frequent customer management, and transform the original standard SOP service into a natural interaction mode between shop staff and customers, so as to give customers a different service experience, and actively care about customers' needs and learn empathy. "FET 5G" stresses the goal of attentive construction, considerate service and satisfactory experience. Only by being closer to customers and thinking further for them, can we really win the recognition of customers, and then affect their relatives and friends. This will also be the focus of FET's continuous efforts. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our front-line colleagues of FET for their efforts. It is because of your efforts that FET can be awarded for nine consecutive years. I have witnessed your hard work and I am also moved in my heart. "


        The seventh store of City 'super had a grand opening in Xinyi District at the end of last year. It introduced various innovative services for Xinyi business district, which was well received by customers. Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia during the Lunar New Year, the response and service quality of the various channels were put to the test. City Super takes the core value of customers first, and then optimizes on the "EPS": environmental experience (Environment), product quality (Product) and service innovation (Service), and brings consumers a safe shopping area. City's super deployed in advance to start emergency response measures. Not only did the seven stores in Taiwan disinfect their shopping malls in an all-round way in addition to the disinfection of shopping carts and baskets every two hours, but they even set up an exclusive trolley disinfection box in Fuxingguan, which could put  a large number of trolleys into the boxes regularly and disinfect them with ultraviolet light tubes. The shop staff regularly disinfected their hands with alcohol, wore masks and made health record. In line with the social distancing, safety signs and posters are pasted in the checkout area of the shopping mall, and customized transparent partitions are specially added in the internal seating area of Xinyi A13 store. Supermarket belongs to the people's livelihood necessities industry, customers have purchasing demand, City' super provided epidemic prevention safety measures, so that customers can visit at ease. 

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