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10.2020 Group Briefing

Cross-industry and cross-domain in-depth exchange in FET "5G application pilot" seminar

Far EasTone telecommunication / Zhang Weijun

        5g brings new changes and new opportunities for digital transformation of the industry. Far EasTone telecommunications held two "5g application pilot" seminars in Taichung City and Kaohsiung on August 25 and August 28, respectively. The participants covered technology, manufacturing, medical, food, schools and public sectors. Far EasTone telecommunications shared its "big data + AI + IOT" The achievements of big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of things (IOT)) and the introduction experience of assisting enterprise partners, and communicating the industrial development trend of 5g era with the industry, government and academia.

        Gao Huanyuan, vice president of far EasTone telecommunication enterprise and international business group, said that with 5g "big data + AI + IOT" and cloud technology strength, far EasTone telecommunication actively cooperates with enterprise customer partners and helps partners plan various 5g application field solutions. In the process, far EasTone telecommunication felt that the industry was eager to know more about the application of 5g industry. Therefore, by sharing experience, it stimulated more innovation sparks with enterprise partners to jointly promote industrial upgrading and expand blue ocean business opportunities.

        At the "5g application pilot" seminar, far EasTone telecommunication shared the advantages of 5g in the vertical field of enterprises and the benefits of introducing 5g private network. According to the development of different business types and fields, far EasTone telecommunication 5g enterprise private network solutions can create the most appropriate 5g application for enterprises from network planning, construction, maintenance to optimization. Far EasTone telecommunications also shared how to help enterprises upgrade by introducing AI technology, and how to make good use of big data analysis as the basis of decision-making, so as to achieve digital transformation of enterprises through step-by-step layout.

        At the same time, far EasTone telecommunication also shows the application of production management and factory management in intelligent manufacturing field, including intelligent access control, equipment predictive diagnosis, intelligent war room, etc. it also shows that far EasTone telecommunication performs data filtering, reorganizing, analysis and information hardening through big data computing platform, and combines with far EasTone telecommunication The self-developed far EasTone telecommunication big data analysis platform, as well as the remote diagnosis and treatment services combined with communication, IOT technology and cloud video, have in-depth communication with the industry. Through the actual experience of industrial application, we hope that business partners can have a deeper understanding of 5g applications.

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