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12.2020 Life Guide

Have a Christmas party! Parents and children make a big meal together.

Yu Chang technical commercial vocational high school / Zhuang Yijun
        Under the gorgeous Christmas tree in the house, children are excited to open gifts and adults are happy to talk. Christmas is the best time to get together with family and friends. This year's Christmas Eve is the best time to put on an apron to have a parent-child DIY and hold a grand Christmas feast!

        364L01        The popular king of children

        Preparation of food and utensils

        A kind of Chicken soup

        A kind of Materials: 1 kg chicken sternum, 100 g onion, 50 g celery, 50 g carrot, 2 bay leaf, 10 white pepper, 3 L water.

        A kind of Material handling method:

        ❅ step 1: peel all vegetables and cut them into 2 cm blocks.

        ❅ step 2: simmer chicken sternum in cold water, scald until there is no blood, wash and set aside.

        Production procedure:

        ❅ step 1: add chicken sternum, cold water and spices in a soup pot, and cook for 2 hours.

        ❅ step 2: pour all vegetables into the soup pot and cook for 1 hour. During the process, surface impurities and foam must be removed to keep the clarity of the soup.

        ❅ step 3: filter the soup with a fine cloth and set aside.

        A kind of Cream paste: 100g cream, 100g high gluten flour.

        A kind of Ingredients: 20 grams of garlic, 1 / 2 onion, 2 pieces of bacon, 1 potato, 3 pieces of fruit corn.

        A kind of Ornaments: diced bread (toast + cream), basili crumbs.

        A kind of Utensils: Western knife, soup pot, sauce pot, wooden shovel, straight eggbeater, spoon, bowl, spoon.

        Cooking procedure

        ❅ step 1: two pieces of toast, cut into small pieces, stir fry with cream, bake in the oven until golden crisp.

        ❅ step 2: wash basili, cut into small pieces, and dry with paper towel.

        ❅ step 3: peel and chop garlic and onion; peel and dice potatoes and soak them in salt water to prevent browning; peel and cut fruit corn into corn granules.

        ❅ step 4: Sprinkle bacon into the pan and stir fry until fragrant.

        Step 5: pour the cream into the pan, melt it, then add the flour, stir well, and then make the cream batter.

        Step 6: stir fry minced garlic, chopped onion and diced potato in the pan until fragrant, then add cream flour paste, and add hot stock in several times. After boiling and burning, add other ingredients. Cook with low heat to soften the ingredients. Finally, season with salt and pepper.

        ❅ step 7: serve in a soup bowl, garnish with diced bread and basili. Serve hot.

        364L02        Tomato seafood spaghetti

        Preparation of food and utensils

        A kind of Staple food: straight or inclined tube pasta (1 pack, about 500 grams).

        ❄ Ingredients: 20 grams of garlic, 1 / 2 onion and basil.

        A kind of 1 kg of clam, 1 / 2 of shrimp.

        ❄ Seasoning: olive oil, salt, Italian tomato sauce 1 bottle.

        A kind of Utensils: sauce pan, high soup pot, wooden shovel, spaghetti scoop, food clip, fork, plate.

        Cooking procedure

        ❅ step 1: peel and chop garlic and onion, wash basil and take tender leaves.

        ❅ step 2: put the clam in salt water and let it spit; thoroughly remove the outer membrane and viscera, wash and cut the circle; trim the fresh shrimp whiskers to remove the intestinal sludge on the back.

        ❅ step 3: pour proper amount of oil, garlic powder and onion into the saucepan, stir fry clams until the mouth is slightly open, take out and set aside. Then add the soy sauce and fresh shrimps in order. Stir fry until cooked. Remove the seafood sauce.

        ❅ step 4: put the tomato sauce into the pot and cook, then add appropriate amount of chicken broth or boiled noodle water, simmer until the flavor of all ingredients is integrated.

        ❅ step 5: pour 5 liters of water into the soup pot, bring to a boil, add two teaspoons of salt, spread the spaghetti evenly in a radial shape, cook at medium and low heat for about 8-10 minutes, and then take it out after testing its suitable hardness (about 8 minutes).

        ❅ step 6: pour the prepared spaghetti into the saucepan, stir fry with the sauce and seafood, make it absorb the sauce flavor, roll up the noodles with a fork, take out the plate, spread the Shanghai fresh ingredients, and finally decorate with basil leaves tender heart.

        364L03        Fantasy country appears -- dream lollipop cake

        Preparation of food and utensils

        ❄ Ingredients: 100g of salt free cream, 60g of sugar, 5g of SP cake emulsifier, 100g of whole egg, 20g of hot water, 4G of milk powder, 120g of low gluten flour and 1 / 2 tsp of aluminum free baking powder.

        A kind of Utensils: small steel basin, straight eggbeater, rubber scraper, screen, flower bag, 12 ball cake mould.

        A kind of Ornaments: 20 pieces of lollipop paper roll (20cm), white chocolate button (for covering), milk chocolate (for covering), strawberry chocolate (for covering), chocolate pen (white, coffee, pink), dried strawberry granules, decorative colored sugar beads, mini decorative candy fruit.

        Cooking procedure

        ❅ step 1: pour salt free cream, sugar and SP cake emulsifier into a small steel basin, mix with sugar oil until the hair is loose (fluffy).

        ❅ step 2: add the egg liquid three times, mix evenly, and then add the milk twice to mix evenly.

        ❅ step 3: sift the low gluten flour and baking powder, mix them evenly with a rubber scraper, and the cake surface will be burnt.

        Step 4: pour the cake batter into the triangle pattern bag, and then evenly squeeze it into the ball baking mold.

        Bake the cake at 170 ℃ for about 15 minutes.

        ❅ step 6: Cover Chocolate and melt in warm water (about 50 ℃).

        ❅ step 7: take the lollipop paper shaft and insert it into the cake ball, dip it and cover it with a layer of chocolate, then draw lines with chocolate pens of different colors, and decorate various decorations.

        ❅ step 8: insert the decorated lollipop cake into the styrofoam box to cool. After the chocolate shell solidifies, it can be packaged.

        364L04        Party drinks are not absent

        Preparation of food and utensils

        ❄ Ingredients: pineapple 200g, sugar 60g, apple 1, kiwi fruit 1, Liuding 5, lemon 1, passion fruit 5.

        ❄ Utensils: saucepan, spoon, fruit carving knife, peeler, juicer, glass pot, transparent cup, mixing stick.

        Cooking procedure

        ❅ step 1: cut pineapple into small cubes, mix with two granulated sugar, pour into saucepan, boil into pineapple syrup.

        ❅ step 2: wash the apple, keep the skin color, remove the core, cut into small cubes, soak in lemonade

        ❅ step 3: wash kiwi fruit, peel with peeler, cut off pedicel and cut into small cubes.

        ❅ step 4: wash the diced willow and lemon, cut them into two, and press the juice with a juicer.

        ❅ step 5: wash the passion fruit, cut it into two horizontally, and take the flesh for standby.

        ❅ step 6: add all the fruit materials into the transparent pot in order, add appropriate amount of crushed ice before drinking, and adjust to the appropriate sweetness.


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