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02.2021 Honor

Two mines of Jiangxi Yadong Cement were selected into the list of 2020 national green mines.

Jiangxi Yadong cement / Luo Lifang

        In response to China's national ecological development concept of " Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.", Jiangxi Yadong cement paid attention to the requirements of ecological construction and environmental protection in the process of mineral resources development, implemented scientific mining, and forms a new green sustainable mining development mode of comprehensive utilization of resources, digital information management, innovative quality improvement and efficiency improvement. After evaluation and review, the "xinwutian limestone mine" and "Xiazhang limestone mine for cement" of Jiangxi Yadong cement were selected as green mines by the Ministry of Natural Resources on December 29, 2020, and their performance in mine management and social responsibility was deeply affirmed. In the future, Jiangxi Yadong Cement will continue to promote the construction of green mines, deepen the achievements of green mine construction, enhance the high-quality image of the enterprise, and strive for sustainability development.

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