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02.2021 Honor

The only winner in department store. SOGO won two awards of the "Buying Power"

Pacific SOGO Department Store / Wu Minru
        The small and medium sized enterprises department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held the 4th award ceremony of "buying power social innovation product and service procurement award mechanism" With the help of give543, a social innovation organization, to tailor the "love box delivery" project for customers, we won the "special award" and "two awards for purchasing" this year, and became the only department store winner of the year.

        According to Sophia C.W. Huang, Pacific SOGO Department Store We have been encouraging ourselves to "be the best enterprise in the society, be the best enterprise in the society". Through the integration and influence of retail channels, we have worked together to develop our creativity. In combination with the 17 sustainable development goals (sdgs) of the United Nations, we have planned a number of projects that are closely related to the public, and at the same time let them participate in the projects to achieve mutual benefit. We have awakened the public's awareness of important issues and started the cycle of social kindness, And through the platform to expand influence.

        The award-winning project "love box delivery" is a multi win solution, which is the first to link environmental sustainability, social care, vulnerable employment, and customer service orientation, give full play to the creativity, exquisite service and customer force of the department store industry, combine the characteristics of retail service platform, solve customer, social and environmental problems, and strengthen the high-quality corporate brand image. "Love box delivery" designs the issue of resource recovery and donation as a special service for main customer members, and employs disadvantaged women who are matched by the Taipei social Bureau as "gift stewards" to increase employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups. Materials are provided to more than 460 social welfare groups in cooperation with the donation platform, which not only extends the life cycle of available materials, reduces waste and carbon emissions, but also injects goodwill to take care of vulnerable groups, and meets the social vulnerable's desire for a better life.

        Sophia C.W. Huang chairman is especially grateful for the government's affirmation of enterprises' support for social innovative products and services, and more and more young people full of ideas to invest in social innovation, so that good things can continue to happen. In the future, Pacific SOGO Department store will continue to open its arms and welcome more social initiatives to create sustainable public welfare value for Taiwan.


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