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02.2021 Honor

FENC was selected as an outstanding enterprise in recycled economy by Environmental Protection Administration

Far eastern New Century Corporation /
        Far eastern New Century Corporation is a leader in the chemical fiber industry. Based on its corporate social responsibility, far eastern New Century Corporation started the development of infinite cycle chemical recovery technology in the polyester industry many years ago, and has achieved fruitful results. This technology can be used to solve the problem of polyester fabric waste, make up for the gap in the supply chain of waste fabric industry in Taiwan, and make the waste fabric that could not be effectively treated in the past be recycled and made into fabric or bottle.

        In the supply chain of waste fabric recycling, the most critical chemical recycling technology (topgreen? Chemcycle) has been researched by far eastern New Century Corporation for many years. The related technology has obtained patents from Taiwan, the United States, Australia and other countries. Now, due to the new business service mode of cross domain integration to build a sharing economy, it won the highest level award of "109 years' recycled economy excellent enterprise - excellent two-star" from the environmental protection department of the Executive Yuan on December 14.

        On the other hand, the polyester raw material produced by the chemical recycling technology of Far Eastern New Century Corporation R & D center, through the joint promotion with the solid polymerization department, has been recognized by the largest beverage manufacturer in Japan - Coca Cola Bottle Japan company. It has been applied to the remanufacturing of Coke bottles. In the future, it will join hands with more partners and continue to contribute to the environment.


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