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02.2021 Hot Topic

"Far Easterners' Topic" of March:travelling proposal during epidemic

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
        Under the novel coronavirus pneumonia, playing for a long time. Although we are still unable to enjoy the world at this stage, it is a good time to enjoy the domestic scenic spots again. Whether it's a private house trip with few visitors or a unique Wenqing scenic spot, you are welcome to write and share. Within 300 words, far eastern magazine will provide you with a "peace of mind travel fund"! (deadline: before February 15)

        Notes for submission:

        1. Contributors are welcome, but they should respect the intellectual property rights of others and not copy or rewrite the works of others. If you quote other people's works, you should indicate the source, and pay attention to the provisions of the copyright law and other relevant laws.

        2. Please indicate the unit, name and contact information of the contributors to facilitate the payment of contributions; if you need to publish in pseudonym, please also indicate otherwise. Editorial room reserves the right to delete and revise the manuscript if it is adopted. Please keep the bottom manuscript by yourself. We will not return the manuscript.

        3. After the publication of the manuscript, the property right of the work shall belong to far eastern New Century Corporation, which issued the journal, and the contributor shall not exercise the personal right of the work. Without the written consent of this journal, it is not allowed to reprint or contribute articles on its own.

        3. The calculation standard of remuneration: "Far Eastern lecture" (monthly theme solicitation) is 500 yuan per article, while the rest of the manuscripts are 0.5 yuan per word in Taiwan and 0.8 yuan per word in overseas areas.

        For contribution, please send it to "Far Eastern magazine editorial room", 36th floor, 207, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Taipei, or fax: (02) 2736-9934 or e-mail to magazine@fenc.com If you have any other questions, please call: (02) 2733-8000 extension 8549, 8556.


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