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03.2021 Group Briefing

Warm interaction recognized: outstanding store manager of FET was received by President

Far EasTone telecommunication / Jiang guofen
742A01        Three store managers of far EasTone telecommunications won the "109 year national outstanding store manager Award" and were personally received by President Tsai ing Wen on January 11. Huang Tingyi, the store manager of far EasTone telecommunications, a direct store in Linsen, Kaohsiung, said that warm care in the interaction between people is the power far EasTone telecommunications most wants to convey. In order to let users experience the technology with temperature, ask Emma through far EasTone telecommunication intelligent customer service before the end of January, that is to say, you will have the opportunity to get a $500 7-Eleven gift certificate or KFC Limited food discount.

        742A03        The "109 year national outstanding store manager Award" was awarded by the Taiwan chain and Franchise Association (TCFA). Apart from Huang Tingyi, the FA EasTone telecommunication also won the award. The manager of Shilin Wenlin direct sales store you Chunyi and the manager of Yuanlin Minquan direct sales store Zhang Xiangqing were also recognized. Three people went to Taipei presidential palace Huang Tingyi delivered a speech on behalf of all outstanding store managers.

        Huang Tingyi, the store manager, said that during the competition, she worked hard with her partners and encouraged each other with the elites in various industries, including store management, community service, social welfare and other projects. She gradually developed a strong sense of mission. Under the severe test of the epidemic, it is far EasTone telecommunications to give warm care in the interaction between people I hope all the service staff will continue to write more warm stories in each city.

        According to statistics, nearly 85% of far EasTone telecommunications users are inclined to use online self-service platform to solve problems. In order to give technology such as the temperature of interaction with people, far EasTone telecommunications has the following advantages Intelligent customer service "ask Emma" thinks in the context of user experience, analyzes the most frequently used Telecom functions, and adjusts the visual presentation of the function list, so that users can get easy to understand and warm answers at the first time, and quickly solve problems.

                As a matter of fact, since the revision of the smart customer service "ask Emma" of far EasTone telecommunications last year, more than 90% of the customers have directly solved their problems, and the customer satisfaction is as high as 9 points (10 out of 10 points). In order to let more users experience the technology with temperature, we should use far EasTone telecommunications before the end of January If smart customer service "ask Emma" asks any Telecom questions, you will get a gift coupon of RMB 500 for 7-Eleven (5), or KFC Limited food discount.

        "Ask Emma" by far EasTone telecommunication https://fetnet.tw/uOGW7P0DMF


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