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03.2021 Group Briefing

The top in Taiwan. FET's 5G network speed has been certified by international authoritative Speedtest and Opensignal

Ding & Ding management consultants joint marketing / Huang Yunru
        In 2020, under the impact of the epidemic, many public welfare organizations will enter the winter of fundraising. Happy go insists on fighting the epidemic and sending warmth. Through multiple channels, it calls on tens of millions of cardholder donation points to spread love. The total number of charity donation points and the number of people in the whole year will grow against the trend, breaking the 36 million mark, setting the highest record since the establishment of the platform of public welfare donation points. It shows that cardholder does not forget public welfare and love does not fall behind.

        Liang Jinlin, President of happy go Ding integrated marketing services, said that in 2020, the epidemic will not only affect the global industry, but also affect the operation and fund-raising of public welfare organizations. We deeply feel the importance of delivering love and social responsibility. Therefore, adhering to the brand concept of "a little more happiness", we will not only develop more extensive public welfare projects, but also through accurate membership Big data, making good use of multiple communication channels to solicit money from tens of millions of cardholders in Taiwan, can make this the only public donation platform in Taiwan to "walk with you". Even in the grim year 2020, it will still set a new record of donation points over the years. Not only has the total number of donation points increased by more than 60% compared with last year, but the number of donation points has also broken past records. The nine major public welfare organizations cooperating on the donation platform are both surprised and happy, which also makes us feel extraordinary.

        According to the observation of happy go, every time the number of points at the end of the year is about to expire, it is the peak of public welfare donation points, and the growth rate in November and December is more significant. In 2020, after the outbreak of the epidemic, happy go will communicate with cardholder monthly through multiple EDM such as "epidemic prevention and public welfare", and digitize the public welfare, and publish it in happy go from time to time App launched the donation mechanism of limited love goods or lucky draw games, effectively promoting the donation volume from January to October to grow by 20% compared with that in 2019. At the end of the year, through the huge membership database, we will accurately screen cardholders who still have points, send interactive two-way messages to remind cardholder that their points are about to expire, and effectively improve the growth rate of donation points. In addition, the age group and regional distribution of cardholder can also be activated through app driving. The proportion of donation points in the age range of 25-35 and in the central and southern regions has increased by 20% with the digital experience provided by app.

        With the Chinese New Year approaching, happy go continues to encourage cardholder to help McDonald's uncle's family charity foundation, Credit Suisse children's medical foundation, the intellectually disabled people foundation, Down's disease foundation, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, world vision, family support foundation and child through happy go app and official website The Welfare League Foundation. R.O.C. cultural and educational foundation, the Chinese Social Welfare Association and other public welfare organizations have injected warm current into vulnerable children.


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