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03.2021 Group Briefing

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection was invited to participate in the world forum to share the road of digital transformation

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection /

        Mr. Zhang Yongchang, President of Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection, was invited to attend the Commonwealth Economic Forum on January 19. In the forum, he took "Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection’s resurrection, digital transformation helps ETC become the pride of Taiwan" as the topic to share how Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection has transformed from being controversial to becoming the unique pride of Taiwan by focusing on personal service, making Taiwan the first area in the world to implement comprehensive electronic toll collection for expressways, and even exporting the system to Southeast Asian countries..


        Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection published the overseas charge of ETC in public for the first time. He said that it has gone through a lot of disputes and finally succeeded in digital transformation, which not only makes Taiwan the first area in the world to adopt electronic toll collection on expressways, but also introduces the RFID multi lane free flow system to neighboring Southeast Asian countries, becoming the standard for countries to design electronic toll collection mode. Since 2015, Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection has successively served as consultant in Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Philippines, India and other countries, or built pilot test systems locally. In 2020, Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection won the bid for construction of ETC of three expressways in Thailand with a total amount of 1.6 billion.


        The implement of ETC in Taiwan and achievements in the overseas development have not come easily. At the meeting, President Zhang Yongchang shared that the key to success lies in "starting from the needs of the people" ,which leads Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection to carry out "service-oriented" digital transformation. In view of the transfer of transportation paradigm, he put forward his own views based on the experience of ETC.


        "Everything as a service (xaas)":


        The trend of global transportation will focus on autonomous vehicle (AV), electric vehicle (EV), Internet of vehicles (v2x) and shared use. No matter what kind of transportation technology, it should develop services with the individual as the center.


        Personalized services:


        Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data  and cloud computing will help to develop different personalized mobile services and inspire new business models.


        ODD (Operation Design Domain):


        In order to achieve industrialization and internationalization, transportation needs continuous experiments, demonstration and feedback to the operation. Taiwan has provided a good training environment for the industry, which is also the key point for Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection to apply the experience learned in the past 20 years to international cooperation - what the people want is not technology, but convenient and customized services.


        The final focus of transport paradigm shift is "digital transformation":


        In the past, all kinds of business services were silo. They developed technologies, processes, data and applications respectively. Digitalization helps operators to build up operation backbones and share technologies, processes, data and applications with transportation network and infrastructure services; Digital transformation is to use API to connect operation backbones and digital platform to provide different services.


        Finally, President Zhang Yongchang concludes with his long-term marathon experience: "the digital transformation process of the transportation industry can only be accumulated, there is no miracle". Only by focusing on its own field, making continuous efforts and innovation, can it be seen internationally.


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