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04.2021 Honor

FET' s disaster prevention and response capability is highly recognized in National Key Infrastructure Protection exercise

Far EasTone telecommunications / Lin Mengxuan

        In order to maintain homeland security, the Executive Yuan conducts annual National Key Infrastructure Protection exercise. FET was selected to participate in the National Key Infrastructure Protection exercise. By simulating the major disaster situation, it established a perfect response strategy, completed the horizontal and vertical coordination, which will effectively reduce the loss and recover quickly, and made great efforts to protect the safety of the public. FET President Chee Ching’s emergency response capability was highly recognized. On February 23, she was awarded the "Best Commander" by Shen Rongjin, vice president of the Executive Yuan.


        FET President Chee Ching said: "communications shoulder the important mission of national security. FET adheres to the specialty of information and communication, actively responds to the government's national security policy, mobilizes internal and external resources, and repeatedly drills all kinds of natural disasters, man-made disasters and information security incidents. To verify the risk assessment and integrity of protection plan, we hope to take preventive measures, strictly block the breach of national security in times of emergency, maintain smooth communication quality, improve national security and stability, and make users and business partners feel at ease all the time! FET attaches great importance to the experience of this exercise. It is also a great honor to work with Director Zheng Mingzong of National Communications Commission, and thanks for the team’s effort. It has been approved by the homeland security office of the Executive Yuan and experts. In the future, FET will continue to play a key role in contributing to national security. 」


        Every year, the Land and Resources Office of the Executive Yuan conducts a disaster prevention exercise for the eight key national infrastructures to ensure the stable operation of social functions in the event of disasters. FET, as a private enterprise, was selected to participate in the interview and evaluation exercise. President Chee Ching worked as a commander in person, took the key area of the service room as a disaster drill situation. Earthquake, typhoon, hacker attack and other types of emergencies were simulated, they showed high-standard disaster prevention measures, flexible and rapid command response mechanism. Hundreds of staff participated in the exercise internally, a continuous horizontal and vertical notification network was established, and nearly 20 central and local units, such as the police, health care, environmental protection, electric power, etc, were integrated to simulate various natural disasters, man-made destruction and security incidents, the emergency response capability has been highly evaluated.


        FET has medium and high frequency bands of 3.5GHz and 28GHz to develope 5G, and with 700, 1800, 2100, 2600MHz spectrum across low, medium and high frequency bands which were previously obtained, it can use a variety of wireless mobile communication technologies to support each other according to the needs of users, so as to minimize the impact of disasters on users. In addition, it introduced the ICS(incident command system) architecture of the Executive Yuan this year to strengthen the company's emergency response capability, reduce the impact of disasters on customers and the company's operation, and strive to start crisis handling in the shortest time through a variety of channels, mobile devices and networks, so as to greatly improve the efficiency of disaster resistance and epidemic prevention.


        Looking forward to the 5G era, FET will continue to take the public interest as its own responsibility, strengthen the security protection mechanism and emergency response procedures, provide users with the best network experience, and realize the promise of "understanding customers' needs, building first-class network with heart, creating the best service and experience.




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