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04.2021 Honor

Yu Chang Technical Commercial Vocational High School won three awards in Banqiao Far Eastern Department Store culinary competition

Yu Chang technical commercial vocational high school / Zhuang Yijun

        During the winter vacation, students from food and beverage department of Yu Chang Technical Commercial Vocational High School participated in the creative New Year cuisine competition held by Banqiao Far Eastern Department store. The competition was divided into two stages. In the first stage, the organizer provided 500 yuan for the teams to purchase ingredients at City'Super, and then students needed to wash, cut, prepare and present the dishes at the kitchen cabinets on the seventh floor. The three professional judges were invited to grade the works according to the creative concept, operation skills, cooking flavor, overall presentation and cleanliness and hygiene. In the second stage, they needed to write new year's cuisine recipes and provided photos of the finished products, and then conduct online voting through fan pages of Banqiao Far Eastern Department store.


        In the first stage, Zhu Tingyi, Lu Changrui and Chen Jiarong won the top three places respectively. In the second stage, the top three places were awarded to Zhu Tingyi, Yang Yikai and Lu Changrui, which successfully demonstrated the strength of Yu Chang's catering department.

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