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10.2021 Cover Story

Celebrating the 72nd anniversary of Far Eastern Group

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
374B01        October 20 is the 72nd anniversary of the founding of Far Eastern Group in Taiwan. Over the years, adhering to the vision of basing itself on Taiwan and looking at the world, the group has extended its tentacles to many countries in Asia, America and Africa, and its business territory spans ten industries. On this important day, let's review the past year (September 2020 ~ August 2021), which new forces joined, important milestones, touching public welfare deeds, and the glorious deeds of Far Eastern.

        September 2020

        Far eastern group won six awards from SGS "CSR awards", including Far Eastern Department store, Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, Asia Cement Corporation and Pacific SOGO Department store, which won the "annual sustainable Elite Award", and far EasTone telecommunications won the "Climate Change Management Excellence Award", Far eastern New Century Corporation won the talent development excellence award. (figure I)

        In 2020, "Asia responsible entrepreneurship awards" (area) was announced, and Far Eastern Department Store won the "green leadership award"; Far eastern big city shopping malls won the "human investment Award"; Pacific SOGO Department store also won the "green leadership award" and "human investment Award", while Asia Cement Corporation won the "recycled economy Leadership Award".

        Huanggang Yadong cement was selected into the "list of the fifth batch of green factories" in China.

        Far EasTone telecommunications called on 26 suppliers to form a "sustainable vanguard" to care for Taiwan's rural areas and environmental sustainability.

        Yuan Ze University and the Oriental Institute of technology made great achievements in "2020 Taiwan Innotech Expo", and won the excellent achievements of 1 platinum, 2 gold, 2 silver and 4 copper.

        Far EasTone telecommunications announced a co frequency and co network cooperation with Asia Pacific Telecom. (Figure 2)

        Yuan Hsin digital payment "multi payment integration service" won the "top ten outstanding enterprises" and "top ten outstanding commodities" of the 20th Jinfeng award.

        Far eastern New Century Corporation signed the first "guarantee line of sustainability index linked loan and commercial promissory note" in Asia with Oriental Credit Agricole.

        Pacific SOGO Department Store won the "labor safety award" of Taipei Labor Bureau for excellent performance, healthy workplace and excellent personnel.

        374B10        October 2020

        Yuan Ze University was approved by the Ministry of education to set up a medical R & D center.

        Douglas Hsu won the award of "top 100 CEOs in Taiwan" in Harvard Business Review (HBr). (Figure 3)

        Sichuan Yadong cement won the "all excellent award" in the 17th "comparison of chemical analysis of Chinese cement".

        Yuanyuan Oriental Union Chemical Corporation Petrochemical (Yangzhou) won the title of "annual advanced collective" in fire protection in Yangzhou Chemical Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province in 2020.

        The 12th "Classic Marathon of Far Eastern New Century Corporation" was held by Xinpu chemical fiber General Factory of Far Eastern New Century Corporation.

        Far EasTone telecommunications won 9 awards in total in the "excellent customer service award" of Taiwan Customer Service Association.

        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei has been awarded the "best business hotel in Taipei" by business traveler Asia Pacific for four consecutive years. (Figure 4)

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital won the "first international contribution recognition program for health promotion - excellent contribution award for group international health promotion" of Taiwan Health Hospital Association.

        November 2020

        Nine affiliated enterprises, including far eastern New Century Corporation, far EasTone telecommunications, Asia Cement Corporation, Far Eastern Department store, Pacific SOGO Department store, Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, U-Ming marine transport, Far Eastern International Bank and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, are included in one fell swoop "Global corporate sustainability Awards (gcsa) and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TCSA)" won 30 awards and won the champion of enterprise groups in Taiwan. (Figure 5)

        Far Eastern International Bank was awarded the "best wealth management customer experience Award" by the asset asset, a Hong Kong international financial magazine.

        Far Eastern International Bank and far eastern big city shopping malls won the gold medal and silver medal certification of "talent development quality management system (TTQS) - enterprise organization version" of the Ministry of Labor Development Department of the executive yuan respectively.

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Shu Hsun Chu vice chairman was awarded the 30th medical dedication award.

        Qiu Guanming, vice president of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, won the "109 special contribution award for epidemic prevention" issued by Taiwan Medical Association of the Republic of China.

        Far eastern New Century Corporation, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei and Far Eastern International Bank won the "excellent and healthy workplace - award" of Taipei Health Bureau.

        Far Eastern International Bank, Pacific SOGO Department store and arcoa communication have obtained the "sports enterprise certification seal" of sports administration and Ministry of education.

        Far eastern apparel (Vietnam) was awarded the 2020 "green enterprise certification" by the Vietnamese government.

        Taiwan Contact Center Development Association (TCCDA) (TCCDA) held the 2020 Customer Service Excellence Award (CSEA). Far Eastern International Bank and far EasTone telecommunications won 14 awards.

        Far EasTone telecommunications has been listed as DJSI world (DJSI world) constructive stock for two consecutive years.

        Oriental Union Chemical Corporation was awarded the "outstanding manufacturer in voluntary reduction of industrial greenhouse gases" in 2020 by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of economic affairs.

        Yuan Ze University and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital expanded collaboration between industry and school to build a "smart medical biotechnology maker platform".

        Far Eastern Department store and Pacific SOGO Department Store won the bronze and silver awards of the 2nd "National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award" of the environmental protection administration of the executive yuan respectively.

        Far EasTone telecommunications and Far Eastern International Bank won the "Sustainability Award" at the 2020 BSI international standards management annual meeting.

        Yuan Ze University and Oriental Institute of technology won the Department of transport's 109 "Jin'an Award".

        Ding & Ding management consultants joint marketing won the "best data insight Innovation Award" of 2020 DSA digital singularity award.

        Far Eastern Department store was awarded the 109 "national Sustainability Development Award" by the Executive Yuan. It is the only enterprise that has won the award twice in three years.

        Air liquid Far Eastern held a groundbreaking ceremony for simakus plant. (Figure 6)

        Far eastern big city shopping malls was awarded the "meritorious unit" award by the Ministry of justice for long-term assistance to the consortium legal person association for victims support.

        Far EasTone Telecommunication, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, and New Taipei municipal government, National Health Research (H), to start the first continuous diabetes telemedicine care service in Taiwan.

        With the "big city eating zero distance - Far Eastern big city shopping malls mobile service value-added program", far eastern big city shopping malls received a full subsidy from the Asian Silicon Valley smart business service application promotion program of the Ministry of economic affairs, becoming the first department store industry in Taiwan to receive subsidies for two consecutive years with the highest amount of subsidies.

        374B03        December 2020

        Far eastern New Century Corporation was awarded a commemorative medal by the Executive Yuan for its full supply of non-woven fibers for the inner layer of masks in Taiwan in line with the national epidemic prevention policy.

        Far eastern dying & finishing (Suzhou) won the honor of "Suzhou credit management demonstration enterprise".

        A. Mart won the "109 voluntary Enterprise Award for outstanding energy saving performance" issued by the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of economy.

        In the "national store excellent manager praise and selection of outstanding store managers" in 2020, far EasTone telecommunications and Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection won 23 awards in one fell swoop, creating the best results over the years.

        Oriental Institute of technology won 9 gold, 8 silver and 2 bronze medals in Kaohsiung International Investment & Design Expo.

        Far Eastern International Bank, in cooperation with far EasTone telecommunications, became the first bank to launch the phase II function of "open bank".

        U-Ming marine transport held a naming ceremony for the 325000 DWT VLOC "Yuzhi ship". (Figure 7)

        The chemcycle technology of Far Eastern New Century Corporation was selected as the "top performing enterprise in recycled economy" in 109 by the environmental protection administration.

        The Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Taipei Far Eastern Group caf é cafeteria, which cost NT $80 million and took more than three months to refit, opened grandly. (Figure 8)

        Ding & Ding management consultants won the "dialogue influence Award" of chaobang culture and education foundation in joint marketing. It is the first local enterprise in Taiwan to win the award.

        The "operational information integration platform" of Oriental Union Chemical Corporation won the sap 2020 ESAC Excellence Award.

        Yuanfang industry (Shanghai) won the award of "excellent Taiwan funded enterprise in Fengxian District in 2020".

        The "xinwutian limestone mine" and "Xiazhang cement limestone mine" owned by Jiangxi Yadong cement have been selected as the "green mine of the year" by the Ministry of natural resources of China.

        Yuanoriental Union Chemical Corporation Petrochemical (Yangzhou), Tongda gas and Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) (Yangzhou) are merged, and yuanoriental Union Chemical Corporation Petrochemical (Yangzhou) is the surviving company.

        January 2021

        Far EasTone telecommunications tpkc far EasTone telecommunications cloud computing center was officially opened and obtained the uptime tier III certification of Uptime Institute. (Figure 9)

        Yuan Ze University signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Embassy of Nicaragua in National Taiwan University.

        Ding & Ding management consultants jointly marketed 36 million public welfare donation points, setting the highest record of public welfare donation point platform. (figure x)

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital won the 21st National Medical Quality Award (nhqa) in 2020, including 1 gold, 1 copper, 1 masterpiece, 3 medals, 2 potential and "continuous quality improvement for 20 consecutive years".

        374B07        February 2021

        Far eastern apparel (Suzhou) won the medal of "top 100 real economy enterprises in Wuzhong District in 2020" issued by the people's Government of Wuzhong District, Suzhou.

        Yuanchuang wisdom utaggo members officially exceeded one million.

        Far EasTone telecommunications is the first enterprise in Taiwan to be rated "supplier climate change negotiation a rating" by CDP institutions.

        Yuan Ze University established Yuan Ze University Extension Center at Bangkok Agricultural University, Thailand.

        Yuanyuan Oriental Union Chemical Corporation Petrochemical (Yangzhou) won the "excellent unit of safety production objective management in 2020 - first prize" issued by the safety production Committee of Jiangsu Yangzhou Chemical Industrial Park. (Figure 11)

        Far EasTone telecommunications participated in the national key infrastructure protection exercise, and Chee Ching president was awarded the award of "best commander" by the Executive Yuan.

        Oriental industries (Suzhou) launched the expansion project of Baopeng industrial zone.

        March 2021

        Yuanyuan Oriental Union Chemical Corporation Petrochemical (Yangzhou) was awarded the "2020 advanced enterprise in work safety" by Yizheng Municipal People's government.

        Far Eastern International Bank won the "best wealth appreciation", "best science team" and "financial service innovation" in the 2021 wealth management award of Caixun magazine.

        Yuanfang industry (Shanghai) won the "2020 social contribution award" and "2020 wealth contribution Gold Award" issued by Shanghai Hangzhou Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone. (Figure 12)

        The 5g pilot project of far EasTone telecommunication Neihu smart Park and AI smart street lamp won the "2020 smart Taipei Innovation Award" of Taipei municipal government.

        Yuanchuang wisdom's "RFID multi Lane free flow charging system" project was awarded the "system integration output Award" by the Ministry of economy.

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital has become the first medical center in Taiwan that can perform "living intestinal transplantation".

        Asia Cement Corporation is the fourth cement company in the world to complete carbon reduction target setting, specifically respond to global climate control temperature rise below 2 ° C and pass SBTI review.

        374B08        April 2021

        The tailuge of Taiwan Railway had a major accident in Hualien County. The Hualien shop of Far Eastern Department store, A. Mart Hualien shop and the Hualien factory of Asia Cement Corporation sent materials to the site at the first time to fully support disaster relief. (Figure 13)

        Yuan Ze University signed a contract with Zhending technology group to launch the "Yuan Ze University big data joint R & D center".

        Jiangxi Yali transportation won the medal of "advanced unit of road traffic safety in the city in 2020" issued by the traffic management team of Ruichang Public Security Bureau.

        The "Far Eastern International Bank Conference Center" jointly built by far Eastern Memorial Foundation, far eastern y.z.hsu Science & Technology Memorial Foundation and Far Eastern Group affiliated enterprise was officially started.

        The Oriental Institute of technology invited Yu Chang technical commercial vocational high school and 12 junior high schools in New Taipei city to form a strategic alliance of "superior technology and workplace leisure". (Figure 14)

        Far eastern big city shopping malls was awarded the "109 outstanding blood donation - Special Contribution Award" by the Ministry of health and welfare of the Executive Yuan.

        Asia Cement Corporation (China) won the medal of "top 10 national cement clinker production capacity in 2020" issued by China cement network. (Figure 15)

        Far EasTone telecommunications "heart 5g" advertisement won the 2021 German if design award.

        Far EasTone telecommunications won the best investor relationship and best CEO award of Asian finance magazine.

        Asia Cement Corporation has signed a strategic alliance plan with National Taitung University. In the future, Asia Cement Corporation's ecological park will join the "Taiwan pearl project" to help rescue the Pearl Phoenix butterflies unique to Lanyu.

        The governance performance of Far Eastern Group is highly praised. Far Eastern New Century Corporation and far EasTone telecommunications are once again listed as the top 5% enterprises in the "sixth corporate governance evaluation" of Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation, including Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, Far Eastern International Bank, Far Eastern Department store Asia Cement Corporation and U-Ming marine transport were also listed in the top 20%, while Everest textile was selected in 21% ~ 35%.

        May 2021

        Far eastern New Century Corporation, Pacific SOGO Department store and far eastern big city shopping malls won the 17th global views CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Award. (Figure 16)

        Far eastern Ishizuka green pet Corporation built a new recycled polyester plant in Hyogo, Kansai, Japan, with a capacity of 100000 tons of recycled PET products.

        Far Eastern Department Store -- Banqiao Far Eastern Department Store assisted New Taipei police station in organizing anti drug publicity activities, and was rated as "a group with outstanding achievements" by the Ministry of interior of the Executive Yuan.

        Asia Cement Corporation takes the lead in completing the all shore power project of cement ships, which can save more than 1474 tons of ship oil and reduce 5329 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

        Far EasTone telecommunications and E. sun Bank signed the first three-year fixed interest rate "sustainability index linked commercial promissory note" in Taiwan.

        Far eastern New Century Corporation issued the first tranche of "social responsibility bonds" of domestic enterprises and listed on the OTC market.

        Yangzhou Yadong cement was awarded "outstanding enterprise in Yangzhou building materials industry from 2019 to 2020" by Yangzhou Building Materials Industry Association.

        374B09        June 2021

        Sichuan Yadong cement and Sichuan Lanfeng cement were awarded the "advanced enterprise for helping the disabled during the 13th five year plan" by the disabled Work Committee of Pengzhou Municipal People's government.

        U-Ming marine transport won the awards of "development of port operation", "collaboration between industry and school", "development of color shipping" and "expansion of fleet" selected by the Department of transport for 108 years.

        Asiamoney, the international financial media, held the 2021 best bank competition, and Far Eastern International Bank won the "best digital bank" award.

        U-Ming marine transport and world marine offshore A / S (WMO) of Denmark jointly established U-Ming marine transport Wind Energy Shipping Co., Ltd.

        "Institutional investors" announced the "ranking of company management teams in Asia in 2021", and far EasTone telecommunications won the honor of "respected enterprise".

        COVID-19 was burned and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital was admitted to 11% of the critically ill patients in the whole station. Far Eastern Department store, Pacific SOGO Department store, city'Super and A. Mart also give play to the advantages of retail channels and donate materials to first-line personnel. (figures 17 and 18)

        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei is certified as "health and safety Hotel" in the Forbes travel guide.

        City 'super joined hands with Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Taipei won the championship of five channels in the Dragon Boat Festival zongzi competition of apple daily in 2021.

        July 2021

        Far EasTone telecommunications won the silver award of "2021 innovative business award - Best Management Innovation Award" in the digital age; Yuanchuang wisdom also won the "best product innovation award".

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital won the gold medal of the International Osteoporosis Society.

        August 2021

                The Oriental Institute of technology was officially renamed "Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) University of science and technology".

        Dr. Qiu Guanming took over as president of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital. (Figure 19)

        Far EasTone telecommunications won the "Microsoft data and AI partner of the year" award.

        Far EasTone telecommunications and Bohong cloud were both recognized by Amazon Web services and won "AWS social impact partner of the year" and "AWS migration partner of the year" respectively.

        Far Eastern International Bank was awarded the "best access strategy Award" by RMI modern education affairs foundation.


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