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10.2021 Cover Story

The 40 years of Arcoa - multi angle operation and value added services

Arcoa communication / Zhang Tianpei, Zhou Xuesheng
374D01        Since 1981, under the severe test of the overall environment, arcoa communication has undergone transformation and upgrading again and again, and has also extended diversified business tentacles. Now it has not only become a high-quality store trusted by neighbors, but also the strongest logistics backing of Far Eastern Group. How will arcoa's innovation journey be carried out in the future?

        Arcoa communication is in its infancy this year! Over the past 40 years, arcoa has witnessed the evolution and transformation of Taiwan's telecommunications industry, from the popularity of home phones to the prevalence of B.B call, to the grand occasion of the sea war of mobile phones, and now into the generation of one smart phone. Along the way, arcoa is like a neighbor in the neighborhood. It integrates into the local life circle, adheres to the concept of "smart consumption and local service", and meets the communication needs of customers.

        374D02        After far EasTone telecommunications officially entered arcoa communication in 2005, arcoa has changed from the main business to diversified business. In addition to being responsible for the important task of purchasing goods on behalf of big far EasTone telecommunications, it also provides professional after-sales maintenance services and material flow services, giving full play to the comprehensive effect of human allocation and process integration; The store operation is turned into guarding the regional services of villages and towns to stabilize the overall customer satisfaction of big far EasTone telecommunications.

        At the same time, in view of "only satisfied employees can have satisfied customers", arcoa attaches great importance to employees' physical and mental development and talent cultivation. In recent years, arcoa has made every effort to build a healthy workplace, establish diversified associations, promote work and life balance, and introduced EAP employee assistance program. In 2020, arcoa won the award of "sports enterprise certification" by sports administration. In terms of training and development, arcoa is committed to the construction of key talent echelons and the cultivation of middle and grass-roots management successors, and has successfully obtained the "TTQS bronze certification" of the Ministry of labor.

        Arcoa knows that "innovation" is the most effective beauty care product of the enterprise. In order to develop new values and explore a new blue ocean, under the leadership of the current president Jessica, arcoa repositioned the vision and mission of the company. The new vision is expected to make good use of digital technology and innovative thinking and become the first choice of enterprise partners in sales, logistics and after-sales service; The new mission is to become the most trusted partner in the telecommunications and retail industry through "new products, new applications and heart services". Based on the above vision and mission, arcoa formulates a new logistics development strategy as the starting point of the innovation journey; In addition, since 2020, we have successively carried out envelope and mobile phone replacement business to bring excellent experience to far EasTone telecommunications customers with professional and sensitive services.

        In arcoa's new logistics development strategy, the information flow and logistics services of four companies, far Friday, far EasTone telecommunications, Deyi and arcoa, are integrated to create a diversified distribution service experience closest to consumers with the integration of virtual and real (Omo, online merge offline), so as to open up a new blue ocean for arcoa logistics in the new retail industry. The detailed description of arcoa's new logistics development type is as follows:

        1、 Agility incarnates new retail key partners

        With the development of the new retail trend of Omo (online merge offline), the boundary between single functions is becoming more and more complex, and the service supply of channel needs to be integrated planning of horizontal connection. Arcoa has accumulated 40 years of operation experience and brought its benefits into play at this time. Through one-stop services such as procurement, logistics and sales, arcoa has helped far EasTone telecommunications, Deyi, Friday Shopping and other enterprises to make a vigorous sprint forward.

        In the face of the epidemic, both physical sales and online shopping are enemies and friends. The biggest common divisor is the need for warehousing and logistics. Arcoa has been committed to logistics for more than 21 years. From the early internal activities of the enterprise, such as store and channel site services, and after the guidance of the Ministry of economy and Industrial Technology Research Institute, arcoa successfully transformed into third-party logistics (3PL, third party logistics) in 2016. It is more oriented to expand its service scope, and leads the industry to create B2B + B2C integrated services, In the same scenario, online and offline demands can be provided immediately without too many restrictions or services.

        2、 Using intelligence to construct and improve logistics platform

        Logistics storage and transportation is an indispensable link in all business forms. Especially in e-commerce in recent years, a WMS system with data and knowledge has become the key to the decisive battle, which has a great impact on the quality and experience of the overall operation. With the accumulation of years of experience, arcoa has greatly improved the operation efficiency of the system. Each order takes only 2.5 minutes from receipt to delivery, and the accuracy of commodity storage management is 99.999%.

        However, no matter how good the system is, it must also be closely connected with the consumer experience. Therefore, arcoa launched the Ali logistics insight in 2018 to present real-time operation information and service data to partners in the form of almost zero time difference. In 2021, Bi (Business Intelligence) technology will be used to visually present the data, making it easier for readers to read the knowledge in the data. In addition, arcoa will continue to strengthen the service system of supply chain integration and build OMS order management system and ATI transportation insight, so that the overall process is no longer long way, but high speed rail.

        On the other hand, in 2020, arcoa built a packaging material intelligent computing platform for A. Mart e-commerce to improve its packaging accuracy, reduce operation difficulty and reduce transportation cost. In 2021, the company also planned for far EasTone telecommunications Friday Shopping, and added Deyi shopping service in April of the same year to expand the diversity of sales and shorten the consumption journey.

        3、 Grasp the opportunity to create more sense of service

        In the future, arcoa will continue to cultivate on the road of one-stop service, so that procurement, logistics, sales and other businesses are no longer division of labor, but simple and systematic integration. At the same time, arcoa will strengthen the development of third-party logistics, integrate business opportunities inside and outside the group, and create comprehensive operation efficiency.

        In addition, arcoa also plans to build a dual intelligent operation research system (nwms) in 2022, convert the manually accumulated experience into parametric modules, redefine the division of labor between people and automatic machines, so that the rules and methods are no longer limited by the tradition, and then find the best operation process, which is believed to be conducive to the development of the retail industry of Far Eastern Group, Make the service time difference free and the experience more enjoyable.

        Arcoa has experienced severe tests of major environmental changes and industrial transformation. Each test is the driving force of enterprise upgrading. Through the development of new logistics, arcoa is about to complete another level of evolution and upgrading. Looking back, I found that we had come so far! Next, in a rapidly changing environment, arcoa will continue to lead all partners forward at full speed!


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