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10.2021 Story

Full of harvest and happiness.

Jiangxi Yadong cement / Sun Qiang
        In July 2021, Jiangxi Province was an area with low epidemic risk, and there was no local case in the surrounding provinces. The company held various activities as planned. On July 24, the weather was beautiful and the cool wind was blowing. Everyone was a little less anxious and more comfortable. They also increased their expectations for the upcoming "Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) picking and barbecue family day"

        When I came to the company's canteen early in the morning, I saw that my kitchen colleagues had carefully prepared all kinds of children's favorite food, and let the children take their own meals and eat whatever they want.

        At eight o'clock sharp, I took the bus arranged by the company and came to the mine visiting room. The mining group specially prepared a promotional film, which was explained by the supervisor, so that everyone can understand the company's culture, purpose, development process, as well as the investment and contribution in energy conservation and emission reduction and green mine construction. Then he led the team to visit the mine nursery base, hundred birds garden, Begonia Garden, tertiary sedimentation tank and other facilities, which deepened the children's understanding of the company where their parents worked, and made them feel the power of modern science and technology and the development concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

        Then, everyone walked to the main battlefield of the activity - ecological park. The first thing we saw was the huge banner of "Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) picking and barbecue family day". The colleagues of secret Dept. have set up a pavilion aside, put out barbecue ingredients, cold drinks, fruits, etc., and played music, making people feel like being in an ecological farm.

        The ecological park was originally the miscellaneous soil storage yard of the company's mining area. It has been continuously renovated in recent years. Now, looking around, all kinds of vegetables are in rows, melons and fruits are fragrant, full of vitality and green. There is not only a pond near the mine, but also a two-way belt across it. Green mountains and green water complement each other. It has become one of the must see scenic spots for governments and guests at all levels.

        In addition to barbecue, there are two interesting competitions, one is picking, the other is catching fish with bare hands and catching crayfish. In the picking activity, the staff were divided into four groups by random lot: melon picking, peanut picking, pepper picking and eggplant picking. Our family selected the peanut picking group. Everyone came to the designated area according to the lottery results. With the order of the referee, the tense competition began. Everyone lowered his head and used both hands. Parents and children cooperated with each other to strive for good results.

        After a short break, they began to catch fish and lobster with their bare hands. Due to the limited space, they were divided into three groups to catch fish with their bare hands, and children under the age of 6 were responsible for lobster fishing. The children went crazy after they went into the water. Even if their clothes were wet, they couldn't quench their enthusiasm for catching fish. Taking advantage of the gap of the activity, we also took the shopping coupons provided by the company to buy our favorite barbecue and cold drinks. We were very happy.

        After the competition, the president personally presented the awards, including corn, melon, watermelon... All of which are the specialties of the ecological park. Finally, we took a group photo to end the happy activity.

        At home, the child was still excited. At the same time, he was unwilling because he couldn't get better results in the competition. He kept asking when he could participate in such activities again. After sending wechat to the circle of friends, friends were also envious and praised the company one after another. As a member of Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan), I am very proud, "full of harvest and happiness". I believe this is also the common aspiration of 61 employees and their families participating in this activity.


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