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10.2021 Story

80000 kilometers of travel

Yuanfang industry (Shanghai) / Chen Yun
374P01        In mid-2020, in view of the effective control of the domestic epidemic, I purchased the travel package launched by the airline, which can fly unlimited times within a certain time and under certain conditions. The ancients said: reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles, so I often use weekends to go on a trip.

        In order to reduce the transportation cost during the trip, I try to choose subway, bus and other public transport when traveling around the country, and enjoy a low-carbon and comfortable journey by walking or riding a shared bicycle under the condition of abundant physical strength and appropriate travel distance.

        374P03        Usually reorganize your luggage on Friday night, leave on Saturday, return on Sunday and go to work on Monday. Although the time of each trip is short and you can only look at the flowers, due to the number of flights, you have visited more places and seen more scenery in a few months. The city thousands of miles away, as well as the mountains and trees, places of interest, customs and museums outside the city, have not only increased my knowledge, improved my thinking ability, but also delighted my soul.

        My first flight was Xining, Qinghai. I came to the western city for the first time. I walked from street to street and found that the local food was very characteristic. The temperature difference between morning and evening in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is large. I didn't bring more clothes. I feel a little cold. In terms of accommodation, I use members of the economic chain hotel to book rooms. In addition to discounts, I also provide free breakfast. I live comfortably, healthily and safely, which can effectively alleviate the fatigue during the journey. The next day, some scenic spots were taken one after another. Due to the impact of the epidemic at the beginning of the year, the tourism market has not completely warmed up, and many scenic spots have free tickets.

        Over the next few weekends, I flew to different cities. Beijing, the capital, is the most visited city, with the magnificent Great Wall, magnificent and shocking; On Tiananmen Square, the resolute and upright posture and uniform pace of the national flag guard, as well as the bright national flag and solemn national anthem, are exciting and proud. I walk in the subway, shuttle through the Hutong, go to the Forbidden City and Museum reserved in advance, and feel the thick history and culture; In the temple of Heaven Park, you can feel the delicacy and beauty of the ancient buildings. The rigorous architectural layout, strange architectural structure and magnificent architectural decoration make you can't help praising the wisdom of the ancients; In the Olympic Park, standing next to the spectacular National Stadium, bird's nest and crystal water cube, I seem to be back in 2008.

        Urumqi and Kashgar in Xinjiang, far away from Shanghai, are more than 3200 kilometers and 4200 kilometers respectively. I spent two or three days in these two places during the seven-day National Day holiday. Xinjiang has a large area and can only go to one scenic spot a day. In Urumqi, I joined a tour group and went to Tianshan and Tianchi. The car winds up along the Panshan Road next to the stream. On both sides of the road are dense forests. As soon as the stream runs down the mountain, it will soon reach the Tianchi Lake at an altitude of 1980 meters. Looking around, it is a quiet and deep beauty. The lake is as crystal as jade, surrounded by mountains, and tall and green spruces and tasong are all over the mountains. The next day, take the bullet train to Turpan, where there is a flame mountain with a summer temperature of 47 degrees Celsius and a grape ditch rich in the world's sweetest grapes. In Kashgar, the exotic customs of the city are fascinating; The little life that occasionally appears in the boundless desert is surprising; The Populus euphratica forest as beautiful as fairyland is even more fascinating.

        374P02        In Lhasa, I drove over the snow mountain to yangzhuoyongcuo lake. Headache caused by high altitude hypoxia on the way had to be relieved by oxygen cylinders. It took about two days and two nights to get home by train from Lhasa to Shanghai. This experience is really unforgettable. In Lijiang, in addition to looking at the scenery, I also rode a section of the ancient tea horse road and crossed a small hill. In Shenzhen, I boarded the 592.5-meter-high financial building, visited Asia's largest active electromagnetic damper on the 113th floor, and enjoyed the beautiful urban scenery outside the building on the sightseeing floor. In Chongqing, I ate authentic hot pot, experienced night tour of Jialing River, took light rail and motorcycle, and saw the unique scenery of the mountain city.

        The prairie in Hohhot, the ancient city and courtyard in Shanxi, the beach in Sanya, the wild goose pagoda in Xi'an, the Du Fu thatched cottage in Chengdu, and the Yuelu Mountain in Changsha... Unknowingly, when the travel package expired, I found that there were still some places I wanted to go, leaving some regrets.

        Looking back on these days, in the balance of travel and work, I relaxed my mood and enriched myself in the most economical way, added a bit of brilliance to my ordinary life, and deepened my understanding and love for my motherland.


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