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12.2021 Honor and Personnel Change

Taiwan's first Far Eastern Group won 31 sustainability Awards

Far eastern New Century Corporation / Tang Weihuang
784B00        The Global Sustainability Award (gcsa) and the Taiwan Sustainability Award (TCSA), known as the Taiwan sustainability Oscar The award ceremony was held on November 17. Eight enterprises of Far Eastern Group won 31 awards, and the number of awards again ranked first in Taiwan. The business systems of Far Eastern Group have been deeply engaged in ESG for a long time, and have established benchmarks in various aspects such as economic growth, environmental sustainability and social integration. Among them, far eastern New Century Corporation and far EasTone telecommunications won the "TCSA Taiwan top ten sustainable model enterprise award" respectively, and far eastern New Century Corporation won the world's only "gcsa annual best case Award - World Award". Far EasTone telecommunications won 9 awards and continued to set a sustainable benchmark. Asia Cement Corporation stood out after competing with multinational enterprises, won the "gcsa merit case Award - emerging market Award" and won the Taiwan Top50 sustainable enterprise award. Retail and department store won 5 awards, including: Far Eastern Department Stores won the Taiwan Top50 sustainable enterprise award, Pacific SOGO Department Store won the Taiwan Sustainable Enterprise Performance Award, etc. Far Eastern International Bank, U-Ming marine transport and Oriental Union Chemical Corporation won the Gold Award for sustainable reporting.

        784B01        Far eastern New Century Corporation is the world's leading enterprise in recycling polyester. It processes more than half of the waste Baote bottles in the whole Taiwan every year. The development of chemical polyester recovery method will bring dawn to the environmental problems of waste textiles. In addition to technological innovation, far eastern New Century Corporation also promotes sustainable finance across regions, It has become the only enterprise in China to issue three types of sustainability development bonds (green bonds / sustainable development bonds / social responsibility bonds). Its all-round sustainability performance has won the top ten sustainability model enterprises in Taiwan again, and won the gcsa best case Award for three consecutive years (best practice), won the recycled economy leader award for five times, the talent development leader award for four times, and the innovation and growth Leader Award for six times. This year, it won eight awards, and its strong sustainable strength is obvious to all.

        Far EasTone telecommunications has entered the ranks of Taiwan's top ten sustainable model enterprises for the fifth time this year, and has achieved good results in all aspects of ESG. Facing the challenges brought by the epidemic, far EasTone telecommunications continued to strengthen the digital transformation of enterprises, Deepen 5g "big data + AI + IOT" (big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things) (IoT)) with cloud technology and vertical application of 5G, the first 5G telemedicine treatment field in Taitung was built, and the first 5G diabetes continuous telemedicine care service was launched at New Taipei Stone Lane and ten thousand miles to achieve zero distance medical treatment. The single performance award included 7 awards and brilliant results.

        Asia Cement Corporation won 6 Awards this time, In early 2021, it passed the review of the international strict science based targets Initiative (SBTI), became the fourth cement company in the world to complete the setting of carbon reduction targets, and formulated internal carbon pricing as a management tool for Asia Cement Corporation to promote low-carbon transformation investment, drive energy efficiency and achieve reduction targets.

        Far Eastern Department stores has been deeply cultivated in the land for 54 years and promoted sustainability development with the vision of "sustainable creation of a better life". In 2020, it won 34 sustainability index awards at home and abroad, a record number over the years, and became the first department store in Taiwan to win the "National Sustainability Development Award" of the Executive Yuan for the second time in three years, Establish a sustainable benchmark for the retail industry.

        Pacific SOGO Department store was recognized by "Taiwan Sustainable Enterprise Performance Award". Although its operation was affected by covid-19 epidemic in 2020, Pacific SOGO Department store still performed well, with net profit in 2020 Earnings per share (after tax) and return on shareholders' equity have grown for three consecutive years, including EPS of 1.28 yuan, an annual increase of more than 1.17 times, and after tax earnings growth of 119%. In order to protect stakeholders, make every effort to create a safe workplace, take the lead in all Taiwan department stores, pass the iso45001 occupational safety and health management system certification, and comply with international standards.

        2021 gcsa / TCSA Far Eastern Group Awards


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