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12.2021 Welfare

Far EasTone telecommunications is selected for "replacing old mobile phones with new ones", with a maximum cash discount of 10000 yuan

Far EasTone telecommunications / Lin Mengxuan
        Far EasTone telecommunications promotes the super kill "old mobile phone for new" discount! From now on to December 31, unlimited far EasTone telecommunications users, as long as they bring their old mobile phones to the whole far EasTone telecommunications market and use the "far EasTone telecommunications old for new app" for testing and evaluation, the maximum discount of the recovery price is more than 10000 yuan; Buy a designated new machine, add code and discount up to 4000 yuan! In addition to the double discount of the old machine recycling fund and the designated new machine overweight fund, the minimum cash discount is 0 yuan. It is applicable to the new application house number, contract renewal and empty machine purchase. You can also participate in the lucky draw and have the opportunity to take home the iPhone 13, Galaxy Z flip3 5g, Far Eastern Department stores, Tongyi supermarket gift certificates and other generous awards!

        In addition to the purchase of new mobile phones, the activity of "exchange of old mobile phones for new ones with a maximum cash discount of 10000 yuan" can also choose to purchase the latest listed iPad / ipad Mini, 3C household appliances, accessories, mobile phone capsule, discount sheet and other diversified products and services. The designated new machine can also enjoy an extra discount, such as an extra discount of 4000 yuan for the purchase of Samsung super compact folding machine Galaxy Z fold3 5g and Galaxy Z flip3 5g; For Sony Xperia 1 III, Samsung a52s, ASUS zenfone 8 / 8 flip, oppo reno6 / 6 Pro, Xiaomi 11 series and other popular mobile phones, you can enjoy extra code discount. The double discount is more cost-effective!

        When you come to far EasTone telecommunications to exchange old phones for new ones, not only does it take only 3 minutes for app detection and evaluation, but also it is super fast. The direct sales and franchise stores of far EasTone telecommunications all accept super convenient, rich and practical replacement items. The designated new machine plus discount is more strict with your pockets, and you also have the opportunity to take away Pengbai awards such as iPhone 13! Friends who want to replace their old mobile phones, seize the rare opportunity to come to the far EasTone telecommunications store to eliminate the old and replace the new, smart and save money!

        Please contact the official website for details


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