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12.2021 Welfare

Far Eastern International Bank social bank and weiquanlong jointly launched Taiwan's first baseball co branded financial card

Far Eastern International Bank / Peng Guanying
        Far Eastern International Bank Bankee social bank cooperates with weiquanlong to launch the first baseball co branded financial card in Taiwan, which can be applied at the age of 20, meeting the desire of young generations to cherish the co branded cards of favorite players. For fans who are reluctant to use cards and just want to collect, they can withdraw cash through the card free withdrawal function, so that the card surface can be completely preserved. After completing the joint financial card application, you can also enjoy an exclusive living deposit interest rate of 1.6% in six months within the limit of NT $50000, which is about 10 times the average annual living deposit interest rate of 0.15%.

        The baseball co branded financial card event was jointly undertaken by three index players, including: Wang Weizhong, who is known as the "Dragon King" and has rich overseas experience; Praised by major league scouts, the Japanese and Korean media even called Xu Ruoxi "super monster newcomer"; As well as the youngest Fourth "infield gun" in the history of secondary vocational school, Liu Jihong, known as Xiao Zhang Taishan, has the momentum of Wei Quanlong returning to the field of the first army of secondary vocational school in 21 years.

        In addition, a joint financial card post will be launched in the weiquanlong fan group in the near future. As long as you like the post, you can participate in the weiquanlong VIP room lucky draw, Winners (2 places in total) can enjoy the exclusive box to watch the wonderful baseball. They can bring up to 10 relatives and friends at a time, meet the collection and earn living and saving benefits at one time, and then increase the size to experience the box to watch the ball. The first wave of CO branded financial card collection edition is limited to 3000 sets. Please specify the link on the Bankee co branded financial card of weiquanlong's official fan group It's a rare opportunity to bid. Dragon fans must not miss it.


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