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12.2021 Welfare

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei launched year-end Thanksgiving project

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei / Wang Jingpeng
        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei, from now to December 29, launched "Shangri La feast holiday - year-end Thanksgiving project". The whole family stayed in the honored family room and enjoyed the roast turkey dinner in the room, as long as 9388 yuan! In addition, the cake room has also launched a series of delicious Festival take out oven roast packages, which are available from now until December 25. You need to order by phone or online three days ago. The ordering telephone is (02) 7700-3155; the reservation hotline is (02) 2376-3266.

        Shangri la happy holiday - Thanksgiving project at the end of the year

        "Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei holiday - year-end Thanksgiving project" only costs 9388 yuan, you can upgrade to the spacious and warm special honor family room for free, and enjoy the hot charcoal roast turkey package in the room. Enjoy a big breakfast the next day. When you check out, you can also give a hotel gift certificate worth 3000 yuan. You can use it at Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan housing or catering and mega 50 restaurant next time. For reservation, please contact (02) 2376-3266.

        Festival baked in oven package

        In addition to the Thanksgiving housing project, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Taipei have also launched a series of festival take out oven roast packages from now to December 25. Charcoal roast cooking locks the original flavor of food materials and presents an excellent charcoal roast flavor, whether holding a year-end party at home or in the company,; You can reward yourself, relatives and friends who have worked hard for a whole year with all kinds of side dishes and sauces prepared by the chef. The festival oven roast takeout needs to be pre ordered three days ago. Please contact (02) 7700-3155 for details. Order online: 。

        American roast turkey set meal:

        The turkey imported from the United States weighing nearly 6kg is salted with a large number of vegetables, apples, oranges, cranberry juice and bay leaves. The skin is brushed with virgin olive oil, whisky and honey, and baked in the oven at high temperature to create a golden skin. At the same time, it maintains rich meat juice, with fragrant potato mud, caramel chestnuts, robe cabbage and other side dishes, The chef's unique gravy and berry jam are also attached. They are essential dishes for Thanksgiving (for about 8 ~ 10 people).

        Grilled American eye steak set meal 5280 yuan (3kg):

        Selected top American rib eyes with evenly distributed oil flowers like marble lines, especially salted with French mustard, baked in the oven at low temperature to seal the best flavor. With special black bear honey mustard, fragrant potato paste, fried mushrooms and roasted vegetables, together with the chef's special red wine sauce, it is suitable for sharing with friends at the end of the year. It can be enjoyed by about 6 ~ 8 people.

        Black bear honey roast ham set meal 2880 yuan (2kg):

        The roasted ham with black bear honey, which is deeply loved by adults and children, weighs up to 2kg. The skin is brushed with Shangri La black bear honey. The golden crisp skin has a faint aroma of longan flowers. With roasted potato, fried vegetables, pineapple ham sauce and mustard sauce, it smells charming. One bite of fresh and tender black bear honey roasted ham, Q bullet meat is sweet, with a slight smell of carbon roasting. It captured the stomach of the whole family in one fell swoop, which can be enjoyed by about 6 ~ 8 people.

        Oven roasted pork rolls set meal 2880 yuan (2kg):

        Following the recipe of the chef private house in Taiwan, the local white pig with five ingredients, including the onion, garlic, thyme and Baijiu, was seasoned and cooked with low temperature. After the cooking, the olive oil was first served with a golden brown color. After being roasted in the oven, it also has a special smell of charcoal fire and exotic spices. It is matched with fresh pineapple, baked potato, fried vegetables, gravy and mustard. It is suitable for red wine. It can enjoy Italian delicacies at home without going abroad. It can be enjoyed by about 6 ~ 8 people.

        [ordering information of festival baked out package]

        Activity period: from now until December 25

        The cake room (1F) is open from 08:00 to 19:00 every day

        The festival baked in oven package needs to be booked three days ago, special line: (02) 7700-3155

        Online ordering:

        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei address: No. 201, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Da'an District, Taipei

        Tel: (02) 2378-8888, website:


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