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12.2021 Welfare

New Taipei's reputation as the first Cantonese dish "moon Pavilion" launched "winter collection"

Mega 50 dining & banquet / Yan Huiyuan
        The "moon Pavilion", located on the 48th floor of Baiyang building, the landmark of New Taipei, has an invincible landscape. Recently, it was recognized by the "500 dishes" of food evaluation. At the beginning of this year, it was also selected as the only "Fengyun restaurant of the year" in New Taipei by business weekly, which proves its intention of making Cantonese food and Hong Kong dishes. From December 3, 2021 to January 2, 2022, moon Pavilion launched "winter collection", including nourishing abalone and chestnut chicken pot, authentic Cantonese fish flavored eggplant pot, nostalgic classic Malaysia station pot, and Cantonese southern milk roast turkey for Christmas, which ensure warmth and appetizer! There are a lot of people in Christmas city. Please make a reservation early. The special line of moon Pavilion: (02) 7705-9703.

        During the listing of "winter collection", Chef Su Quanhui specially recommended "abalone and chestnut chicken pot" (NT $680). The chef followed the ancient method of "deducting abalone in high soup" It takes six hours to make a red and bright color, fresh and fragrant juice. After ginger and garlic are fragrant, add small abalone, yellow skin chicken, abalone juice and other auxiliary materials to season, then stew, dry and thicken, put them into a hot casserole and serve them on the table. The hot steam steams out full aroma, and the ingredients wrapped in thick juice are fresh!

        Another "Spanish ibili pig fish flavored eggplant pot" (NT $580) it is also recommended by the chef, which is different from the sour, sweet and spicy fish flavor of Sichuan cuisine. Cantonese cuisine emphasizes the smell of salted fish. First remove the bones and cut the salted fish into green beans, and then deep fry it in hot oil with ginger slices until golden. The eggplant cut into strips should also be fried first to keep its beauty. Among them, time is very important. If it is not deep fried enough, the eggplant heart will be mixed, and if it is over fried, it will be oily and soft. In order to upgrade the taste , the chef specially selects the neck meat of the rarest and most advanced bellota pig breed among the Spanish ibili pigs, pickled and soaked in oil before use. The process is to fry the fried salted fish with onion, ginger and garlic, then stew with bean paste, Zhuhou sauce, second soup, oyster sauce and fried purple eggplant, and finally put in the above-mentioned ibili pig neck meat, thicken and collect the juice, and then put it into a hot casserole. When eating, the salted fish smells fragrant, and the eggplant and pork are extremely smooth and tender. It is super delicious.

        As for the "American beef pot with ginger and scallion" (NT $580) with American boneless beef chops as the protagonist, it becomes meaningful and delicious with plenty of fresh scallions and peeled ginger slices. The "sand tea vermicelli shrimp pot" (NT $480) is boiled in sand tea sauce mixed with peanut butter and coconut milk. The prawns are delicious, the vermicelli are full of shrimp juice, and the sauce is even more unique!

        The long-standing "Malaysia station pot" (NT $420) is an unforgettable meal for the chef when he was a young apprentice in a Hong Kong stall. The standard configuration is crispy roast meat with half fat and half thin, fried board tofu, leek and shrimp sauce. It is prepared according to the tradition. The taste is mixed and the old dishes are fragrant! In conjunction with Christmas, the chef changed nanru hanging roast chicken into "Cantonese nanru roast turkey" (NT $480), choose a tender 5kg Turkey, thickly coated with a variety of Chinese spices mixed with southern milk, marinate it overnight, scald the skin, air dry, roast it, pour oil, cut it into plates, golden skin, tender and juicy meat, and taste it with special southern milk sauce. It is a timely Chinese cuisine.

        Remarks: the above prices are subject to 10% service charge.


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