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12.2021 Hot Topic

"Far Eastern lecture": my green Manifesto

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
        In recent years, natural disasters have occurred frequently all over the world, which also makes people feel the importance of environmental protection. This issue specially invites far Easterner at home and abroad to share how to practice green commitment in life!


        Due to the long-term destruction of the earth's environment, abnormal climate and frequent natural disasters are often seen in news reports. In fact, as ordinary citizens, I can also participate in the action of net zero in my daily life. My green life plan first uses energy-saving electrical appliances or devices, and the second is to buy and participate in "transform to net zero" Enterprise commodities of the alliance; The third is the recycling of domestic water resources. The water used to clean vegetables and fruits is reused for environmental cleaning and potted plant irrigation; The fourth is self-made natural fertilizer, which is used to grow plants or vegetables to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (Yuan Ze University / LV Weiqian)


        In recent years, the weather has changed dramatically. In the past, Taiwan was a treasure island with four distinct seasons, but now it seems that there are only two seasons: summer and winter. Even the heat in summer is much higher than before. Walking on the road, we often see pedestrians holding small fans and other cool things. If no carbon reduction action is taken, Taiwan may face the risk of storm surge and sea level rise in the foreseeable future.

        The government and enterprises are making every effort to promote energy transformation. As for individuals, my green life plan is to buy electric locomotives instead of fuel locomotives to reduce carbon emissions during commuting. Moreover, gogoro's official website is now launching "Far Eastern Group cardholder car purchase discount". In addition to enjoying 12 installment 0 interest rates, there are also activities to give full gifts. Why not? (Far Eastern New Century Corporation / Ye Yongjian)


        In the face of the increasing extreme climate in recent years, it is time to make up your mind to make a plan to save the earth. As Armstrong said, my small step is a big step for mankind; Our small change is not a big change in the earth?

        First of all, start from changing living habits and attitudes. When working, the air conditioner is no more than 26 degrees. With a small electric fan, you can create a comfortable office environment; When sleeping, if it is not too muggy, you can replace the air conditioner with an electric fan, or set the air conditioner for two hours; On holidays, you can also go to the mountains to absorb fenduojing, enjoy the natural and pleasant temperature, and avoid using air conditioning at home.

        The progress of civilization brings many conveniences, but progress is also the beginning of environmental damage. People must think about how to create a progressive civilization and protect the earth's environment. Although they can't make a great contribution to the earth, they can certainly slow down the rate of environmental damage through small changes every day. (chiahui Power Corporation / Li Yunyu)


        Hurricanes, droughts and mountain fires in the United States have killed more than 500 people and caused hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses this year; The century long drought in Brazil has bottomed out the reservoir, and people's lives have been forced into the dilemma of water and electricity shortage; Zhengzhou, Henan Province, also suffered the once-in-a-century rainstorm, and the residents' possessions were all soaked in water; Not to mention the haze days, the red warning of air quality is always lingering... This shows that our earth is sick, the human catastrophe is happening, and it is urgent to take care of the earth!

        Pay attention to environmental protection, don't forget low carbon, green in the heart, environmental protection in the hand, and protect the earth from daily life. Don't waste every drop of water, save every kilowatt hour of electricity, carry chopsticks with you, bring your own shopping bags, sort garbage, and do a good job in resource recycling. I am an environmental protection vanguard and earth guard. I want to work hard to reproduce the blue sea, blue sky, green mountains and green waters! (Oriental industries (Suzhou) / Chen Shuiluo)


        Human beings seriously pollute the environment and cause climate change, which not only affects the crop harvest, but also indirectly destroys the air quality. As a person on earth, we must have a sense of crisis, not covet temporary convenience and turn a blind eye to the alarm sent by the earth.

        My green Manifesto is to start with yourself, choose electrical appliances with environmental protection signs, bring your own fresh-keeping box / thermos cup and environmental protection bag, walk or bike for short distance, and plant more green plants to greening the home environment. After years of implementation, my family and friends around me were gradually infected and imitated, which made me feel quite successful! Even better, it can not only do my part for the earth, but also let me accidentally save a tourism fund! (Far Eastern Department Stores / Yu Jiarong)


        The brutal covid-19 epidemic has limited transportation and economic activities and unexpectedly reduced global carbon emissions. However, when the epidemic is finally over, we should still strive to reduce the "carbon footprint" in our lives.

        All I can do is, Increase the air conditioning temperature by 1 degree (don't turn it on when it's not necessary), try to use public transport, use less plastic bags and reduce paper printing (print on both sides if necessary) avoid buying unnecessary clothes. Perhaps you can't live a minimalist life and at least make a small contribution to the earth. If everyone can reduce the pressure on the earth within their own ability, I believe it will help slow down the warming! (Ding & Ding Management Consultants / Liu Dingwei)


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