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12.2021 Honor

Taking the first step of carbon neutralization, Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation has obtained three BSI certifications

Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation / Hong Shuhua
        Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation passed BSI (British Standards Institution) on October 28 (BSI) verified and obtained three certificates of ISO 14064 organized greenhouse gas, ISO 14067 carbon footprint and ISO 14046 water footprint, which were issued by Pu Shusheng president of BSI Northeast Asia and accepted by Jin Chongren president of Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation.

        Pu Shusheng, President of BSI (British Standards Institution), said that it was not easy for ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation to obtain three ISO verifications within one year under the full promotion of Jin president. It not only established the baseline foundation, but also had a clear plan on how to reduce carbon in the future. I believe Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation can lead the industry, Accelerate the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.

        Li Wandi, director of Taiwan green productivity foundation, said that establishing and organizing the inventory of greenhouse gas and product carbon / water footprint is the first step to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction. Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation is expected to continue to implement low-carbon production and become a green leader in the domestic concrete industry.

        Jin Chongren, President of Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation, thanked BSI (British Standards Institution) and green productivity foundation for their guidance, affirmed the efforts of all colleagues of Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan), and pointed out that ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation will follow the footsteps of Asia Cement Corporation in the future, Jointly realize the global cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) global carbon neutralization plan, actively promote green development and sustainable growth, create low-carbon, environmental friendly and sustainable cement and high-performance concrete products, and promise to actively promote more ESG work in corporate social responsibility for consumers, society, environment and other stakeholders (stakeholder) provides more contributions to sustainability development.


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