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12.2021 Group Briefing

Baby sun's mission to Kaohsiung Far Eastern Department Stores non-stop public welfare

Kaohsiung Far Eastern Department Stores / Chen Yuzhen
        Kaohsiung Far Eastern Department Stores adheres to the concept of environmental sustainability. In the face of global climate change, Far Eastern Department Stores takes the lead in environmental protection, gives full play to its corporate influence, and holds "baby sun's mission - community environmental cleaning service". On October 28, it called on colleagues to serve as one-day environmental cleaning volunteers to help reorganize adjacent communities and parks.

        Huang Youcheng, the store manager of Far Eastern Department stores in Kaohsiung, said that far Eastern Department Stores adheres to the enterprise operation purpose, promotes "green operation and friendly environment", and has adopted 1146 green areas around. Kaohsiung Far Eastern Department stores has held "baby sun's mission - community environment cleaning service" for four consecutive years. It harmonizes the neighborhood and cultivates deeply in the land, which has been highly praised by the people and nearby residents. It is a good neighbor of the community.


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