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05.2022 Welfare

Tainan Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel presents four mother's Day cakes

Tainan Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel / Bu Yiyun
802E01        Tainan Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel has seized the opportunity of mother's Day cake. Chef Xu Yuxin, who has repeatedly won the championship of West Point at home and abroad, designs four unique festival cakes with fruit as the main axis. They are "happiness" of mousse, "St. Mark of spiced mango", "green memory" of sponge cake and "Earl tea Apple Cheese" of cheese. Each is six inches and costs 1180 yuan, Book from now until April 24 and enjoy 10% discount.

        802E02        Among the four cakes, Weiss, a French LV grade chocolate brand, is the first to create a "happiness" cake with a silky and soft mousky base. It uses crispy shabrie biscuits and hot NEA lemon cake as the main body, with Orange gold chocolate and mango soft stuffing in the middle, and fresh grapefruit as the outer layer, which is made into a drenching surface and decorated with pulp. After eating, it emits lemon fragrance and aftertaste in a rich layer of sour and sweet.

        On the other hand, the mousse cake "spiced mango St. Mark" takes Barry crispy cake as the bottom layer, smears the delicate and soft sponge cake body with French jam made of tropical fruits such as banana, passion fruit and pineapple, matches with the inner filling of spiced mango mousse and vanilla Bavaria, and the outer layer of caramel is slowly roasted to make the overall taste richer and charming, and taste the fresh taste of fruit.

        Mothers who love soft sponge cakes can't miss the "green memory". In terms of snow-white and elegant appearance, they choose Hokkaido snow printed milk cream from Japan and are decorated with American musk seedless grapes known as emeralds. As for the main body of Vanilla Honey Cake, lutein eggs rich in Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, natto bacteria and other nutrients are selected to improve the overall taste and aroma. The filling is covered with musk seedless grapes and Tahiti vanilla buds. After entering, the fruit is fresh, sweet and not greasy.

        The mother's "Earl tea Apple Cheese" cake that loves cheese flavor is recommended. The specially selected milk flavored Japanese xueyin extra strong Hokkaido cheese is sandwiched into the chef's Secret apple and grapefruit filling. The bottom layer is Sri Lanka Earl tea biscuit with bergamot aroma. It has a dense and smooth taste with slight brittleness. It has a unique harmonious proportion of citrus and cheese aroma, and is slightly sweet but not greasy.

        Tainan Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel Address: No. 89, west section of University Road, East District, Tainan City, Chinese official website: , Tel: (06) 702-8888 transfer to pinxiangfang.


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