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05.2022 Welfare

Marco Polo lounge joins hands with Paul & Joe to launch "romantic Paris afternoon tea"

Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel Taipei / Wang Jingpeng
802D01        For the first time, Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Taipei cooperated with the famous makeup brand Paul & Joe. From April 2 to May 29, it launched a weekend Limited "romantic Paris afternoon tea" in the Marco Polo lounge on the 38th floor. The French dessert chef Hu Mengyang selected the ingredients, added the design of lovable totems such as cats and cat paws, and combined the romantic purple style of Paul & Joe's 20th anniversary of French makeup to change various exquisite desserts and salty foods. Enjoy afternoon tea during the event and receive an exclusive "Paul & Joe small champagne star four gifts" (worth 1770 yuan). During the continuous holiday from April 2 to 5, it will be supplied every day, with NT $1450 per person plus 10% service charge, including 12 special desserts, salty points and a glass of pink sparkling wine. Reservation is required in advance.

        802D02        Recommended refreshments by the chef of "romantic Paris afternoon tea" in Marco Polo lounge include:

        Roast duck, duck liver and purple macarone

        Mini salty point with French classic dessert macarone! In response to the romantic purple style of the 20th anniversary of Paul & Joe French make-up, the chef specially selects purple macarone, applies a layer of paste made of goose liver and cream, and then puts diced duck meat and avocado. When he bites it, he immediately feels the density and smoothness of duck liver and the delicate taste of macarone.

        Beet and cream cheese biscuit

        With fluffy and soft biscuits, containing beetroot cream rich in iron, phosphorus and potassium, and decorated with purple pickled vegetables, it is a delicious and exquisite exquisite salty point.

        Forest berry tower

        The main body of the dessert is wrapped in pink Ruby chocolate. The first layer of the filling is almond dakwaz, which is crispy and soft inside, and the second layer is raspberry jelly intertwined with sour and sweet. The bottom layer is added with crispy biscuits. When you bite it down, the sweet flavor stacked layer by layer is memorable.

        White peach bud

                BRET, also known as French pudding tower, is a classic item in French dessert. It tastes dense and soft. It is added with a layer of peach jam to create multiple flavors. It is covered with ruby chocolate and white chocolate. On the upper layer, there is a sweet surprise bag made of white chocolate, which contains chocolate beans, marshmallows and nuts. Each bite is full of gorgeous surprises.

        Classic chocolate

        Based on the shape of lollipop, the round white chocolate is wrapped with rich and charming black chocolate cognac, and then stained with sour and sweet cherry syrup, which makes people addicted as soon as they eat it.

        Spiced coconut Remington

        The origin of lemmington cake is actually a beautiful mistake. At the end of the 19th century, Baron lemmington's kitchen accidentally dropped the cake into chocolate sauce. In order to make up for the mistake, the kitchen had an idea and spread coconut filaments on the outer layer of the cake. The Baron ate it with praise, and lemmington cake was born. This spiced coconut lemmington uses mango and spiced jam. It can not only eat the rich aroma of chocolate, but also eat the fresh and sweet fruit.

        Ruby orange cost south snow

        Use Ruby chocolate and white chocolate to make red and white straight lines. It's 100% cute just looking at the appearance! The inner layer of fernan snow brick cake has the charming aroma of hazelnut, almond and coking cream. With the soft cake body, it creates a multi-level taste. At the same time, the mood is also very colorful.

        Meow surprise

        Take the q-elastic and smooth coconut milk jelly as the main body, add raspberry jam, then decorate it with strawberries and diced bread, and finally cover it with a layer of reticulated white chocolate, and then use Ruby chocolate to make super cute cat modeling makeup. It is definitely a delicious and photographed beautiful dessert!

        During the event, those who consume "romantic Paris afternoon tea" will receive "Paul & Joe small champagne star four gifts" (worth 1770 yuan). The gift box includes:

        Sugar porcelain silk moisturizing isolation milk (15ml): using the exclusive champagne gold secret formula, add orange blossom essence and hyaluronic acid moisturizing essence to give the skin clear, moist and shiny, and make the follow-up makeup more durable.

        Olive makeup remover gel (10g): Makeup Remover gel rich in multiple moisturizing ingredients can remove makeup and clean the face, moisturize the skin and increase the sense of moisture.

        Olive face essence oil (25ml): contains essence oil from century old olive tree, added with yeast essence and royal queen bee milk, which can deeply penetrate and nourish the skin and achieve the maintenance effect of activation, repair and brightening.

        Pink purple cat instant noodles bowl: the super cute and eye-catching pink instant noodles bowl is not only printed with super Q cat totem, but also has a cat shape on the bowl cover. It should also be very cute to eat instant noodles.

        Marco Polo Lounge:

        Reservation line: (02) 7711-2080

        Business Hours:

        Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 17:00-22:30

        Friday and Saturday: 17:00-00:30

        Weekend afternoon tea: 14:00-17:00

        The price of "romantic Paris afternoon tea" is limited at the weekend: 1450 yuan per person, including a glass of pink sparkling wine, and 300 yuan for the second cup; In addition, you can buy a glass of Maison Veuve Clicquot French Kaige champagne at an increased price of 450 yuan, and you need to add 10% service charge for all the above

        Marco Polo lounge reminds you that minors are not allowed to drink or drive, which is safe and secure.


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