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05.2022 Welfare

Happy go mother's day presents surprises, good gifts, pet mom is a little happier

Ding & Ding management consultants joint marketing / Xu Yahui
        To welcome the warm May Mother's day, happy go announced that from now on to May 10, it will launch the activity of "let's happy go make life a little happier", with three good gifts. First: the successful consumption of accumulated points during the event means that you are qualified to participate in the happy go app "fun game" roulette event, and have the opportunity to obtain a number of good gifts such as Weixiu movie tickets, family latte coupons and 2000 happy go points; Second: go to the happy go special store and spend more than 5000 yuan. You will have the opportunity to participate in the free lunch activity of Taipei double deck dining car on May 20. The bus of the double deck sightseeing restaurant is equipped with panoramic glass skylight. You can not only feel the unique charm of Xinyi District and the East District, but also enjoy the delicious food exclusively provided by the Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Taipei. One person wins the prize and two people go together; Third: in order to encourage cardholders to use the cloud invoice function, during the event, those who bind the Happygo app as the invoice carrier and spend more than 100 yuan in Far Eastern Department stores and Fe SOGO Department stores in the province and deposit the invoice. The top 1000 cardholders can get 200 happy go points and have the opportunity to invite their mother or daughter to LEGO in Far Eastern Department stores in Banqiao ® Authorized store, experience the first LEGO mosaic snapshot machine in the whole station, and obtain the exclusive LEGO personal avatar box group for free (market price 4399 yuan). In addition, participate in the "upload photos with Mom" activity organized by happy go FB, Ig powder specialty or happy go app, and also have the opportunity to draw the personal avatar box group of LEGO mosaic snapshot machine to make this year's mother's Day gift unique.

        Not only that, the department stores of Far Eastern Group have also enlarged the value of happy go points. From now on to May 10, Far Eastern Department stores in Taiwan will launch the "little gold bonus feedback" activity. 200 happy go points can be exchanged for 100 yuan bonus certificates. You can enjoy an exclusive overweight gift with happy go pay. The whole museum will get 200 yuan for 5000 yuan and 1000 yuan for 30000 yuan. 300 points of happy go in Ya Tung department store can be exchanged for one 200 yuan happy go coupon. From now on to April 25, the third Taipei Pavilion of Fe SOGO Department stores will launch 350 points for 200 yuan of mother's day shopping gold. When the consumption is over 3500 yuan, it will be overweight to draw Benz's new Mercedes EQ EQB 300 intelligent electric SUV. The Far Eastern big city shopping malls shopping center in Hsinchu launched the happy go pay full overweight gift activity. If the accumulated amount on that day is over 10000 yuan, one "100 yuan Far Eastern big city shopping malls shopping voucher" and one "500 yuan Far Eastern big city shopping malls shopping voucher" will be given.

        At the same time, in view of the resurgence of the epidemic in Taiwan, happy go encourages consumers to use mobile payment to pay happy go pay. During mother's day, for the first time, it joined hands with 20 banks on a large scale to bind credit cards and swipe credit card consumption points. The maximum point feedback is 18 times. From April 21 to May 8, happy go pay was used to bind the credit cards of ten active banks, including Far Eastern International Bank, China Trust, E.Sun bank, Citigroup, South China, first, HSBC, Xinguang, Kaiji and Taishin International Bank (limited to rose giving cards), which were distributed in Far Eastern department stores, Fe SOGO Department stores, far eastern big city shopping malls The mall Ya Tung department store, Friday Shopping and SOGO iStore give back 200 points for a single consumption amount of more than 2000 yuan, 500 points for a single consumption amount of more than 5000 yuan and 3000 points for a single consumption amount of more than 30000 yuan, which is equivalent to 10 times the number of points. In addition, it also cooperated with 20 banks to double the gift activities on weekends, as well as card binding gifts, installment gifts and new household consumption gifts. If you try to spend 5000 yuan, register happy go pay for the first time and tie the card, and spend in the department store channel on Saturday during the 10 times gift activity and pay in installments, you can get 18 times happy go bonus points. For relevant activity information, please refer to the website:


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