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05.2022 Group Briefing

The first in Northeast Asia! Far EasTone telecommunications joins the global "Ericsson 5g Innovation Program"

Far EasTone telecommunications / Lin Mengxuan
        Far EasTone telecommunications, in addition to deep ploughing in the land, continued to form alliances with global 5g innovation partners. On March 18, far EasTone telecommunications announced that it would become the first telecommunications operator in Northeast Asia and the eighth in the world to join the global "Ericsson 5g Innovation Program". In the future, Ericsson will cooperate with global 5g start-ups through its rich global 5g ecosystem resources. Its members include international leading telecom operators such as at & T in the United States, Telstra in Australia and Rogers in Canada, as well as more than 40 5g start-ups in the world, which can further assist the start-up partners of "far EasTone telecommunications 5g yuan universe accelerator" to enter the international market!

        The "Ericsson 5g innovation project" is the "Ericsson consumer behavior research office". It was established in 2019 in response to the launch of 5g commercial services in various countries. With more than 25 years of consumer behavior insight, it helps telecom companies formulate key market strategies and coordinate with global innovation partners to realize 5g innovation services. The project spans multiple fields such as entertainment, sports, education, games and communities to accelerate the development of AR / VR, metauniverse, concerts, immersive education and other related services.

        Far EasTone telecommunications Chee Ching president said: "far EasTone telecommunications has spared no effort to promote 5g innovation and development, continued to deeply cultivate the core technology of" big data + AI + IOT "(big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IOT)), and combined with innovation energy from different fields to establish" far EasTone telecommunications 5g meta cosmic accelerator " To accelerate the development of application scenarios of the meta universe. Far EasTone telecommunications and Ericsson have always been 5g partners. They have jointly built the world's first 5g network and laid the most powerful foundation for the development of 5g innovative applications. This time, I'm glad to deepen the partnership again and join the global "Ericsson 5g Innovation Program". In addition to deep alliance with transnational and cross cutting innovation strategic partners, it can also bring good comprehensive effects to the "far EasTone telecommunications 5g meta universe accelerator", help the innovation partners link overseas markets, expand 5g ecosystem business opportunities, and bring more 5g innovation applications from around the world to users. "

        Jasmeet Sethi, head of Ericsson's consumer behavior research office, said: "Ericsson 5g innovation project not only integrates potential start-ups from all fields around the world, but also provides telecom operators with insight into specific actions through the long-term research on global consumer and industrial trends by Ericsson consumer behavior research office. We hope to create cutting-edge digital innovative applications for Taiwan consumers through the strong cooperation with far EasTone telecommunications, so as to drive the implementation of the universe with 5g Realize. "

        The president of Ericsson zhouda enterprise in Taiwan said, "I'm glad to invite far EasTone telecommunications to officially join the global Ericsson 5g innovation program." , combine their resources and experience to jointly accelerate the development of 5g ecosystem and create a new chapter for the long-term cooperation between the two sides. We look forward to this cooperation to further provide more innovative applications and differentiated services for the Taiwan market and stimulate more 5g possibilities. At the same time, we also hope that through the global "Ericsson 5g Innovation Program", we can help Taiwan's new ventures enter the international market, expand innovative 5g business services for global users and realize mobile smart life. "


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