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06.2022 Welfare

Far EasTone telecommunication for tax declaration door number identity authentication is very convenient

Far EasTone telecommunication / zhongyizhen
        In 2021, Taiwan launched the mobile phone tax declaration and mobile phone authentication login mechanism for the first time. As long as the monthly rental door number is applied by the taxpayer in person, it can be used for personal identity authentication with 4G or 5g mobile network connection during tax declaration. Tax declaration is simpler and faster than before. According to the statistics of the Ministry of finance, it has attracted nearly 840000 households. In 2022, the mobile phone certification tax return function will be re evolved. After passing the certification, the spouse, dependent relatives, income and deduction data can be edited, and the mobile payment and electronic payment accounts will be added to make it easier to pay taxes.

        In order to encourage users to experience convenient digital services and easily complete mobile phone tax declaration, from now on to June 30, far EasTone telecommunications monthly rental users registered as "far EasTone telecommunications heart life" and "Friday wealth management +" app members, and used the mobile phone identity authentication function to make mobile phone tax declaration. In addition to enjoying tax payment preferences provided by various banks, they also had the opportunity to take iPhone 13 home free of charge!

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