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01.2024 Welfare

Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Taipei, Far Eastern Group Caf é buffet restaurant, extremely grilled and beef appreciation, big mouthed meat to celebrate the end of the year

Taipei Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel / Long Junquan
886e01        To welcome the peak season of year-end dining, from today until January 4, 2024, Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Taipei has launched the "Extreme Roast and Beef Boutique" self-service restaurant at Far Eastern Group Caf é, which strictly selects Australian and beef cuisine to prepare over 10 dishes, including "Roasted Australian and Beef Truffle Sauce", "Satay and Beef skewers", "Mini Mexican Flavor and Beef Burger", to meet the needs of year-end gatherings, tail teeth, and other gatherings. Reservation phone number: (02) 7711-2080, online reservation: .

        Recommended dishes for "Extreme Roast and Cow Appreciation"

        Charcoal grilling area/freshly cut slow fire grilling of Australian and beef truffle sauce: carefully select the soft and tender parts near the abdomen, slowly grill beef weighing up to 5 kilograms at low temperature, sprinkle salt and pepper seasoning, let it stand, lock the meat sauce from the outside to the inside, then apply French mustard sauce, cut it in reverse, and immediately see the light pink, tender, and delicious meat, which is definitely a must eat delicacy for meat lovers.

        Charcoal grilling area/Satay and beef skewers: marinate beef chunks with turmeric and grill them on a wooden stick to enhance the flavor. The surface presents a burnt yellow color, with unique spices adding a spicy taste and a rich flavor lingering on the tongue.

        Chinese cuisine region/Sichuan style boiled beef: Mix chili peppers and Sichuan peppercorns to create a fragrant, numb, spicy taste. Heat the beef slices in Sichuan for a few seconds to keep them juicy and smooth. Paired with bean sprouts to balance the taste, the strong spiciness and numbness are irresistible.

        Teppanyaki/Mini Mexican Flavor and Beef Burger: Fry and cook in the Teppanyaki area. Grind the evenly fried Australian and beef hind legs into a juicy, bouncy burger steak, then pour Mexican sauce over the steak. The cute appearance is layered with rich lava cheese, and when bitten down, it collides to create an unforgettable taste.

        Japanese style small pot dish/Australian and Niu Shou Xi Shao: The thin section of the Wo Niu presents a perfect marble oil flower, ready to order and rinse, paired with fresh vegetables and sweet Japanese Shou Xi Shao sauce, perfect for a bowl of warm body and mind in winter.

        Japanese Salad and Appetizer/Japanese and Beef Onion Salad: Burn the whole piece of beef and stir fry, color it, lay it on top of red onion shreds and lettuce shreds, drizzle it with a sauce and vinegar made from shiba fish broth and special orange vinegar sauce, and a little shiba fish slices to add a delicious flavor to the beef.

        Japanese style sushi/grilled Australian and beef California rolls: wrapped in full Q-shaped sushi rice with tamarind, scallions, garlic, and seaweed, then wrapped with beef slices on the outer layer of the sushi, slightly grilled and colored on the surface, and finally decorated with shrimp eggs. The taste of happiness and satisfaction is self-evident, and it is a limited delicacy during the event.

        Chef's special dish: Vietnamese style clear stew and beef soup: Cut red radish, white radish, onions and other vegetables into pieces, add beef bones and cook to create a fresh and sweet taste. The clear and transparent soup base in Vietnamese style highlights the freshness of the beef, and a little lemon juice is squeezed to give the soup a slightly sour taste, making it even more refreshing and delicious. It is a holiday added dish.

        Holiday Roast Cuisine/Charcoal Barbecue Pine Leaf Crab Feet: This is also a holiday limited hidden menu. After peeling off the crab shell, you can immediately see a full and sweet crab meat, paired with sour and sweet mayonnaise or ginger vinegar sauce, the aroma is strong and irresistible.

        Extreme Roast and Beef Appreciation Meal Period and Price:

        Lunch (11:45-14:00): NTD1580 from Monday to Friday, and NTD1780 from Saturday to Sunday

        Dinner (18:00~21:30): NTD1580 from Monday to Thursday, and NTD1780 from Friday to Sunday

        *The above prices all require an additional 10% service fee. Jizhi and Niushang offer meal dates: lunch and dinner


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