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04.2024 Welfare

Taipei Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel and Cafe Cafe on the 50th floor invite you to enjoy a taste buds tour of the Mediterranean

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
902e01        To welcome the spring food, the Taipei Far Eastern Group Shangri La Far Eastern Group Caf é cafeteria will launch the "Dream of the Mediterranean" food activity from now to May 16, including: "Grilled Salmon with Greek Garlic and Lemon", "Grilled Sea Scallops with Venetian Spices", "Lebanese Salad", "Grilled Chicken with Arabic Spices", Türkiye Dessert Waiting for over 30 Mediterranean coastal delicacies, buffet lunch and dinner starting at NTD 1580+10% per person, reservation hotline: (02) 7711-2080. Coincidentally, the "Cafe Cafe on the 50th floor", the highest restaurant in New Taipei, also launched the "Mediterranean Feast" from now on to April 30, to lead diners to enjoy foreign food such as Moroccan stewed lamb knee, Sicilian octopus salad, Türkiye saffron pudding, etc. You can also enjoy a discount of 82% using the Far Eastern International Bank credit card. You are welcome to make more use of it. Please contact (02) 7705-9723 for booking.

        The Mediterranean coastal countries cover Greece, southern Italy, France, Spain, and some parts of Asia and North Africa. "Mediterranean cuisine" originated from the 1940s to 1950s, and the current popular representative is based on Greek cuisine, using a large amount of vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, olive oil, and seafood ingredients. Unlike southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, due to their religious beliefs and cultural ties (Islamic countries do not eat pork), use lamb as one of the main meat ingredients and prefer to use a large amount of spices for pickling and grilling, which is different from the lighter flavors in other Mediterranean regions.

        Far Eastern Group Caf é Taipei Shangri La Hotel

        Greek Garlic Lemon Roasted Perch: Sprinkle black pepper and sea salt on the grilled bass, drizzle with special garlic olive oil, and pair with yellow lemon for a refreshing and burden free flavor; "Venetian Spiced Roasted Sea Scallops" uses fresh scallops mixed with olive oil, garlic, and spicy bread powder to bake until golden brown. The meat is crispy and the seafood is rich. "Middle East Shawima" originates from the special cuisine in the Levant region of the Middle East. This time, we specially prepare rich ingredients such as Middle East hummus, Greek Kalamata olives, Türkiye pickled green peppers, etc., which are complete in color, smell and taste. "Türkiye Mutton shashlik" is cooked in Josper Grill, Spain's national treasure. After roasting, it is fragrant and delicious. The taste is solid and elastic. It is more delicious with fried onion crisp.

        Arabic style spice roasted whole chicken is made by adding onions, tomatoes, and vegetables to the whole chicken, along with a large amount of spices such as cloves, nutmeg, and cumin powder. The chicken emits a rich aroma from the inside out, and the crispy chicken skin makes a sizzling sound. The meat is soft, tender, and juicy, making it easy to savor. "Limited percussion food/Spanish sausage seafood rice" selects a variety of sea and land ingredients, repeatedly stir fry them, add stock to stew, then put them into the baking pan, put on dried tomatoes and squeeze lemon juice, finally add saffron, Baijiu and fresh cream into the nitrogen cylinder, and extrude silky mousse sauce to add taste, making people happy. "Limited Gong Roasting Cuisine/Moroccan Stewed Lamb Knee Table Salad (Holiday Limited)" is one of the classic dishes in North Africa. It washes and blanches the lamb knee to remove the fishy smell, and then adds various spices to add flavor. Paired with Middle Eastern chili sauce and refreshing salads, it is an exotic and captivating dish. The "Mediterranean Special Dessert" selects classic desserts from all over the world, such as "French Flipped Apple Tower", "Türkiye Nutcracker", "Türkiye saffron pudding", "Egypt Shortening Milk pudding", "Mediterranean Lemon Olive Oil Cake" and "Spanish Gina Stick", to make your Mediterranean food journey a sweet end.

        Cafe Cafe on the 50th floor

        The Moroccan stewed lamb knee on the hot dining table is first marinated with spices such as cinnamon, coriander, and cloves to taste, then grilled and colored before being stewed with spicy sauce until soft and tender, with a salty and spicy flavor. "Spanish sausage seafood rice" adds raw rice and saffron to the seafood broth, simmering to create a fragrant aroma of rice grains. It not only contains rich seafood such as shrimp, crab, light vegetables, phoenix snails, and sea melon seeds, but also adds Spanish dried sausage to enhance the flavor, making it full of freshness. "Roasted Perch with Greek Garlic and Lemon" is grilled with lemon juice and Baijiu to retain the original flavor of the fish. The meat is soft and tender, giving off a lemon fragrance.

        Multiple salads in the cold food area also cater to Mediterranean cuisine culture, sacrificing high fat, high salt, and high sugar sauces to present healthy and delicious ingredients. For example, the "Italian Green Apple Shrimp Salad" is mixed with sauce using only yogurt, honey, and a little salt; The Sicilian octopus salad sauce is made with top grade olive oil, Barcelona vinegar, pepper, and salt; Moroccan chicken quinoa is mainly flavored with marinated chicken breast, with some olive oil and small diced lemon peel added for flavor enhancement.

        In terms of desserts, it also presents a strong Mediterranean flavor. "Türkiye saffron pudding" is boiled with sugar water, saffron and raw rice, and then refrigerated. The taste of the rice grains is soft with Q, and when you eat it, it bursts with the smell of nuts and saffron. Egyptian Crispy Milk Pudding: The roasted crispy pieces are placed in the milk pudding solution for secondary baking, with the outer crispy and inner soft, and the egg aroma overflowing. Dried fruit is added to enhance the taste. The classic Italian dessert "Tiramisu" uses top-notch cheese mixed with caramel chips, with a creamy and bittersweet aroma intertwined, strong but not greasy.

        It is worth mentioning that from now on to March 23, Feng Yongtian, the chef of the "Far Eastern Group Cafe", was specially invited to stop at the restaurant to make hand made trouser belt noodles and Daoxiao Noodles on the spot, and cooked authentic chicken Sesame paste noodles noodles, tomato egg noodles, Dandan noodles in Sichuan, beef noodles in Shaanxi and saozi noodles in Shaanxi. Welcome to taste the original pastry culture.

        Note: Actual items are subject to on-site supply. Daily lunch NTD999, dinner NTD1099, weekend and holiday lunch NTD1099, dinner NTD1199, all of which require an additional 10% service fee. During the event, if there is a Qingming Festival holiday, all bank credit cards have non applicable regulations. Please refer to the official website or inquire about the restaurant. Top of form


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