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08.2020 Group Briefing

FEIB Bankee creates a financial department store, join P2P lending platform hits the shelf.

Far Eastern International Bank / Xiao Peiyi

        With the rise of fintech, traditional investment products and channels have been unable to meet the needs of the new generation of investors. Innovative investment products are developing rapidly and diversified and are scattered on different platforms. FEIB Bankee, which pioneered in finance sharing, embeds the innovative investment scattered on different platforms into Bankee through API with BaaP (Bank as a Platform) as the core conception. It completely solves the weak points of financial flow between financial technology companies and investors, and takes the lead in launching "Bankee financial department store" to provide diversified innovative investment with different risks and rewards. People just need to apply for Bankee digital deposit account to download Bankee to log in to "Bankee financial department store" to select suitable innovative investment products.


        Bankee financial department store has launched the "Bike P2B" corporate ticketing and "StockGo" fund exchange supervision sandbox case. Recently, it has exclusive cooperation with join intelligent P2P lending platform, which just entered iFinTech Space. The join intelligent P2P lending platform is different from the current general P2P. It uses big data to audit P2P lending. In addition to the general risk-taking investment options, it provides the market's first "patron" scheme.


        Bankee and join intelligent P2P lending platform are connected through API to link the membership mechanism and investment flow completely. As long as you follow the steps, you can quickly complete the membership application of the two platforms. Join also holds member experience activities. From now on, as long as the first investment is successful, participants can get experiencing coupon of NT300 with the number of people of 500.


        Introduction of join intelligent P2P lending platform www.joinusnow.com.tw


        Yuanbao Financial Technology Co., Ltd. is a fintech company wholly owned by FET. It is application service that combines mobile communication with financial technology to develop application services in multiple field situations. The join intelligent P2P lending platform, through the AI intelligent matchmaking system, helps customers to complete the application simply through mobile phones, and make online investment easily anytime and anywhere.

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