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12.2020 Group Briefing

HAPPY GO called on millions of cardholders to donate points to spread love during epidemic prevention

Ding & Ding management consultants joint marketing / Huang Yunru

        HAPPY GO held a public welfare family day at Taipei Zoo on October 23. Not only did the total number of participants reach a new record, but more than 100 children from public welfare groups attended the activity. It also made the public welfare family day, which regularly called on nine public welfare groups to gather at the end of each year, become the most important activity for HAPPY GO to send love at the end of the year! This year, we also joined hands with nine major public welfare organizations to urge tens of millions of cardholders to donate to spread their love to all corners of the society.


        According to Liang Jinlin, President of HAPPY GO, the severe epidemic situation in early 2020 will not only bring serious challenges to various industries, but also lead to the plight of a sharp drop in donations for public welfare organizations. So since March, HAPPY GO has strengthened publicity and guidance with the theme of "epidemic prevention together with public welfare". At the same time, it has adjusted the strategy of donation points for public welfare in this year, attracting card users to exchange points through specific commodity services, and then donate all the points to cooperative public welfare units, so as to let children enjoy the rare opportunity of education and entertainment. HAPPY GO also found that the mode of cooperation with different units can effectively attract young people or other specific ethnic groups to join the ranks of public welfare donation; even if the first half of the year was affected by the epidemic, the number of cardholders donating points per month is still twice as much as that in previous years, which also shows the love of cardholders in supporting public welfare.


        In view of the fact that the epidemic has made people feel bored at home, in order to let staff and public welfare groups which participated in the activity feel free, HAPPY GO specially selected the public welfare family day in the Taipei Zoo, which covers a large area and is of educational significance. It also integrated with the Halloween, combining the game with the zoo's various areas, which increased the knowledge of staff and public welfare groups on animal protection through playing, so as to truly implement HAPPY GO 's brand spirit of "more happiness".





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