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03.2021 Honor

The top in Taiwan. FET's 5G network speed has been certified by international authoritative Speedtest and Opensignal

Far EasTone telecommunications / Lin Mengxuan
        Far EasTone telecommunication 5g network speed to deliver good news again! According to the results of the survey of 5g network speed in Taiwan conducted by Speedtest and opensignal, the international action network survey authority, far EasTone telecommunication 5g network speed has won the first place in Taiwan, and the double list is at the top!

        According to the "Speedtest 2020 Q3, Q4 Taiwan 5g report" surveyed by ookla, far EasTone telecommunications won the "5g network speed" champion! In addition to the recently released "5g user experience report in Taiwan" by opensignal, far EasTone telecommunications has also won the double crown of "5g download speed" and "5g user overall download speed experience", which shows that far EasTone telecommunications has achieved good results in optimizing the network with AI big data technology. In the future, far EasTone telecommunications will continue to be built with great efforts, aiming to reach 90% of the population of Taiwan in 5g coverage by the end of the year, so that every user can enjoy the best 4G + 5g whole network experience.

        According to the "Speedtest 2020 Q3, Q4 Taiwan 5g report" conducted by ookla, far EasTone telecommunications stands out from more than 50000 devices and 570000 test samples in Taiwan. 5g network speed is the first in Taiwan, whether it is downloaded or uploaded! The "5g download speed" of far EasTone telecommunication won the championship with 315.45mbps, which greatly widened the distance between the average download speed of 5g in Taiwan and 259.45mbps in Taiwan. The "5g upload speed" of far EasTone telecommunication ranked first with 58.77mbps, which was higher than 40.64mbps in Taiwan!

        In fact, far EasTone telecommunication 5g has been built steadily, not only through AI big data Analyze the "base station location", and plan the best location according to the regional passenger flow dynamics, APP usage flow and user usage time of Xiaozhi village, so as to maximize the benefit of each base station, and continuously optimize the network construction. For each 5g base station, carry out the "4G / 5G single station adjustment and optimization" operation, and continue to do a good job in "small area coordination and integration" and "medium and large area cluster optimization" To ensure that users have the best Internet experience.

        At the same time, far EasTone telecommunications cooperates with top international partners to carry out the whole station construction with Ericsson's exclusive equipment, reduce the complexity of multi vendor inter operability, improve the comprehensive effect of network planning and maintenance, and use Ericsson's award-winning "dynamic 4G / 5G cross frequency sharing (dynamic spectrum) "Sharing)" and 4G + 5g network optimization technology, as well as the exclusive "Ericsson multi-core architecture, EMCA) technology, which uses integrated antenna base station and anti-interference computing receiver to improve signal quality, give full play to the spectrum efficiency of far EasTone telecommunication, comprehensively improve the uplink and downlink speed, and successfully provide users with the most enjoyable first-class experience.

        In the future, far EasTone telecommunications will continue to build diligently, so that users can enjoy the joy of 5g innovative services in addition to enjoying the first 5g fast network, and realize the 5g commitment of far EasTone telecommunications to consumers.


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