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03.2021 Honor

The only one in New Taipei! Moon Pavilion won the title "restaurant of the year 2020" of Business Weekly

Mega 50 Ding & banquet / Yan Huiyuan
        Business weekly, a leading domestic financial magazine, published a special edition of "2020 restaurant list". Moon Pavilion, located in Baiyang building, the landmark of New Taipei, has become the only restaurant on the list in New Taipei! The acclaimed "moon Pavilion" is the restaurant of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei. The dishes are outstanding and the scenery is incomparable. All colleagues are encouraged to win the recognition this time. In the future, they will be more committed to hospitality and provide extraordinary dining experience for visitors.

        The "2020 restaurant list" is divided into three categories: Cantonese food, Japanese food and Western food. Business Week invites the most popular gourmets of Shenfu to recommend the excellent restaurants. There are seven Cantonese restaurants on the list. Apart from Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, "moon Pavilion" outside Taipei hall and "Jinghua Pavilion" in Jinghua Hotel, the rest are independent restaurants in Taipei City and Taichung city.

        Moon Pavilion, which is famous for its new Cantonese cuisine and creative port, is condescending and elegant. Su Quanhui, a young and promising Hong Kong chef, takes charge of the dishes. He sticks to the authentic taste and pays attention to the beauty of dishes. The restaurant's signature dishes are numerous, such as: time-consuming crispy roast meat, Li Rong crispy duck, hand shredded chicken with grapefruit slices, sad spicy and sour beef And so on, even the modeling port for lunch supply are all hand-made. Welcome to patronize us. Reservation line: (02) 7705-9703.


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