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02.2021 Welfare

FEIB APP launched "send red packets and draw red packets" to send 100 people red packets of 168yuan

Far Eastern International Bank / Chen Yiru
        Affected by COVID-19, people's awareness of epidemic prevention increased. In 2021, the use of Far Eastern International Bank APP "red envelopes" increased by 3.3 times compared with that of last year. In order to encourage more customers to experience app red packets, Far Eastern International Bank also launched the activity of "sending red packets and drawing red packets". From now on to February 28, when any red packet transfer transaction is completed on Far Eastern International Bank mobile bank app, there will be a chance to draw the NT $168 red packets symbolizing all the way. A total of 100 red packets will be drawn out to add color to customers.

        Far Eastern International Bank app provides three modes of "1-to-many equal bonus", "1-to-many lucky bonus" and "1-to-1 bonus", which are easy to set and easy to use. According to Far Eastern International Bank Database, the number of red packets issued by app in 2020 is 3.3 times that in 2019, and the number of "1-to-many red packets and good luck red packets" is increased to 40%, which means that the number of red packets meets the needs of customers, such as employees' tail teeth lucky draw and friends gathering game awards provided by business owners. In addition, Far Eastern International Bank is the first bank to open mobile phone number transfer. It is suggested that the public can send a red envelope in combination with the app. The recipient can get the red envelope as long as he sets an account in Far Eastern International Bank app, binds the mobile phone number, and enters the mobile phone number.

        Far Eastern International Bank app e-red envelope is also a good tool often used in Far Eastern International Bank. Every year, Thomas Chou president prepares many e-red envelopes and 2, In 2021, in order to avoid cluster infection, Far Eastern International bank stopped large-scale cluster activities and sent out spring wine funds in the form of APP red envelope. As long as employees preset their mobile phone number to collect money, they can participate in spring wine in the cloud and join in red envelope activities to welcome the new year.


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