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03.2021 Office Talk

The battle of the least bit to fight for the future

Oriental industries (Suzhou) / Li Guoqiang
367I02        "2020 Oriental industries (Suzhou) forklift skills competition" is a big test of comprehensive ability for forklift drivers. They must master all kinds of comprehensive skills and achieve "stability, accuracy and dexterity" before they can successfully complete.

        In 2007, I went to Suzhou for the first time. With a dream in mind, I came to Suzhou alone from the countryside of Northern Jiangsu. As far as I could see, everything in the big city was so fresh.

        367I03        On the 14th day after arriving in Suzhou, the job search still failed. It was raining that night. On a cold night, I was curled up in the quilt of the daily rental house. I thought that the money in my pocket was just enough for my journey home. At this time, I had made the decision to go home the next day. The next day, after getting up and packing, I was still unwilling. After several struggles, I decided to carry my luggage and walk 8 kilometers to a labor market.

        When I stepped into the labor market, I saw a human resource employee of Oriental industries (Suzhou) smiling and waving to me, bringing me a trace of warmth in the cold and heartless city. I ran quickly, handed in my resume, and after a round of interview, I was successfully employed.

        In order to enrich the life of employees, the company organizes some interesting activities every year to make us feel the warmth of home in a foreign land. Not long after I entered the post, the leader saw that I was doing well and sent me to receive external training. After some efforts, I finally lived up to the expectations and successfully obtained the forklift license.

        367I04        In 2020, I signed up to participate in the forklift skills competition held by the company, which was officially launched under the auspices of Chen Junqin senior manager of the factory affairs department. This time, with the theme of "practical training, skills exhibition, experience exchange and promotion", we hope to strengthen the technical exchange in the factory, improve the operation skills of colleagues, create a learning atmosphere of "comparison, learning, competition and excellence" in work, condense the spirit of "safety first", build and cultivate a high-quality and skilled team, and enrich the cultural connotation of safety, efficiency and harmony of the company's storage and transportation team.

        In order to show our prudence, the company specially invited professional technicians from Mitsubishi & Linde to teach us, and President Wu Moji also personally attended the scene. I listen attentively and take notes frequently. After all, these are the basic points to ensure safe driving.

        After learning new knowledge and skills, it is followed by the part of practical operation. Due to the limited track spacing, the control ability, smoothness and accuracy of the forklift are highly tested. First, I warmed up with a period of pre shift operation of storage and transportation. Then, under the gaze of the commander, supervisor, referee, scoring and other participants, I got on the forklift, took a deep breath, turned the key, started the accelerator, honked the horn, released the handbrake. After the drill, which had been simulated thousands of times in my mind, there were bursts of applause in my ears. With a long sigh of relief, I found that my palms were already wet with sweat.

        367I01        Then the colleagues on the stage also have their own unique skills, steady forward, accurate parking, safe handling, showing "thousands of turns" of professional, accurate completion of the task, won applause.

        This competition is competitive, ornamental and interesting. It is not only a visual feast of wonderful competition, but also a stage to show exquisite skills and an important part of skilled personnel training. I believe it will also become an important thrust for Oriental industries (Suzhou) to realize sustainable development!


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