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04.2021 Welfare

45% off for Boston lobster set at "Moon Pavilion" 

Mega 50 Ding & banquet / Yan Huiyuan
        "Moon Pavilion" restaurant, located on the 48th floor of Baiyang building, the landmark of New Taipei, is highly praised by the media for its new Cantonese cuisine, creative port and boundless scenery. It was also awarded the "2020 restaurant of the year" by business week earlier this year! After the Spring Festival, all walks of life will return to their jobs. Moon Pavilion will launch "double guns" from now on to April 30. They are "Boston lobster set meal" for lunch on weekdays, and "sliced duck table dish" for lunch and dinner on weekdays. Famous chef, with both color and taste, is the best choice for banquet guests. Please dial the special line (02) 7705-9703 for reservation.

        But he has been a famous chef for more than 25 years! Guangdong cuisine will be integrated with the old into the new, refined and refined, pay attention to the beauty, style and flavor of a higher level. "Boston lobster set meal" contains six delicious dishes, including Cantonese fried platter, steamed lobster dumplings, baked lobster in soup, egg white lobster claws, Lobster Soup Seafood paofan, Yangzhi manna and seasonal fruits. The original price is NT $1600 per person, and the special price is 55% off (NT $890, no other discount). One of them is baked lobster in soup. Half of the shrimp is fried first, and then fried in butter soup with onion and garlic. The lobster meat is delicious and delicious. As for Lobster Soup Seafood paofan, let the guests pour the fried golden crisp rice into the red, hot and delicious Lobster Seafood Soup, and the soup is boiling and squeaky Taste, play a passionate Overture, tempting appetite!

        As for the "sliced duck table dish" carefully designed by the chef, there are Cantonese sliced duck, Laohuo Baolu soup, Curry Prawns in red oil, baked scallops with cheese and mushroom, Chenxiang Zhenjiang pork tendon bone, steamed jade perch with soy sauce, crispy fried chicken with garlic, stewed noodles with Boletus, taro Sago and seasonal fresh fruit plate for 10 people. The original price is NT $15000, and the special price is NT $13, 800 yuan; moon Pavilion is the Cantonese style sliced duck for the performance Yilan cherry duck is one of the most popular dishes for guests. The chef selects Yilan cherry duck, which is rich in fat and tender in meat. First, he applies more than ten kinds of spices to the duck's belly, marinates it, and then roasts it in a meticulous traditional process. The newly baked duck is mellow and fragrant. The master quickly cuts out the skin duck with belt meat, spreads the sauce, adds melon strips and scallion into the cake Mouth, salty, fresh, sweet and crisp, set off the crisp skin and tender meat of roast duck, which is a great enjoyment of life!

        * the above price is subject to 10% service charge.

        * moon Pavilion address: 48F, Baiyang building, No. 16, Xinzhan Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei (next to the Far Eastern Department store, Banqiao).


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