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12.2021 Group Briefing

Yuanchuang, Advantech and others jointly exported the new etc management platform to Thailand successfully

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection / Li junzhang
        Yuanchuang wisdom, together with Advantech, a leading manufacturer of global industrial Internet of things (IOT), has innovated a generation of etc management platform to assist maintenance personnel to quickly solve problems, shorten obstacle removal time and reduce maintenance costs. It has been successfully applied to Thailand project recently.

        Taiwan is the first region in the world to fully use meter electronic toll collection, and also has the world's largest Expressway electronic toll collection system - etc. ETC system integrates Internet of things (IOT), information and communication (ICT) and intelligent transportation technology, which not only attracts Malaysia, India, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and other countries to come to Taiwan for lessons, but also opens new business opportunities for overseas output of intelligent transportation integration application in Taiwan. Recently, it has successfully introduced the system into Thai expressway.

        Chen shengkeng, deputy president of Yuanchuang wisdom, said that the cooperation with Advantech wise PAAS is of strategic significance. Since the electronic charging system adopts thousands of IOT sensors, in order to ensure that the system is uninterrupted and remains efficient, it is necessary to intelligently monitor the equipment status of each charging location all year round. Advantech wise PAAS provides a visual intelligent platform for data fusion and collaborative management. Combined with Yuanchuang's accumulated electronic toll collection technology for more than a decade, it can not only browse the toll status of all Expressway sections quickly and efficiently, but also view the abnormal status of each sensor in 3D or VR scenes to further remove obstacles.

        In order to further implement the promotion and application of the scheme, Advantech will use wise PAAS's full-time team in Southeast Asia to carry out ecosystem layout with local partners for key business countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. In the future, Yuanchuang wisdom and Advantech will become long-term strategic partners, integrate soft and hard strength, and win more Asian, European and American markets in one fell swoop.


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