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12.2021 Honor

The only city 'super in the industry won the gold medal of "Taiwan service evaluation" supermarket in commercial times

Far eastern city super / Li Peixuan
        City 'super, a top supermarket, has won the gold award of "Taiwan service industry evaluation" chain supermarket in the commercial times for seven consecutive years. It is the only enterprise in the industry that has won the gold award seven times in a row. The representative of city' super Liu Chaoxiong's chief operating officer received the award. Coincidentally, the customer service colleague of the head office, together with Yumei, also won the "service pioneer individual award".

        The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic continues to affect the lifestyle of all people, Liu Zhaoxiong Chief Operating Officer said. The most obvious change is that the time for people to stay at home has increased dramatically, and the diet and livelihood needs have been rigid demand during the epidemic period. City 'super has taken the core value of customer first. In terms of "EPS": environmental experience, product and service innovation, we have insight into the market changes and gaps under the epidemic prevention stay at home economy, lay out in advance in the post epidemic era, and extend its core value to ESG and other sustainability development concepts, so as to improve the brand image.


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